Which blockbuster is likely to “explode” at PlayStation Experience 2017?

PlayStation Experience 2016 is a big event. Sony announced The Last of Us Part 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as well as providing fans with exciting updates on games like Horizon Zero Dawn. It is this that has turned PlayStation Experience became Sony’s main stage instead of E3 and PlayStation Experience 2017 This year continues to make players around the world hope for the most epic products.

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But the question is, will this year’s PlayStation Experience 2017 continue to maintain Sony’s form? Certainly, Sony will pour all its forces into this year’s event, which is reflected in the official announcement about PlayStation Experience 2017. The main event will be held in Anaheimm, California. From December 9 to 10 with the main target being PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR.


In particular, Sony promises to win a special surprise for gamers who book tickets early for this year’s event on December 8 with closer access to game developers, so that they can know in advance. What top games will be released in the near future. Additionally, Sony confirmed that the 2017 Capcom Cup will feature a “special stage” for Street Fighter 5.


According to the recently leaked Capcom eSports plan, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be part of the 2017 Capcom Cup, but it’s unclear if that game will just show off key features or the entire game at PlayStation Experience 2017.


Sony has started selling tickets early for PlayStation Experience 2017, in limited quantities. Only those who purchase Early Bird tickets two days early will be able to attend the December 8 special event. Unfortunately Sony hasn’t revealed the exact list of games that will be shown during the event, but people Fans can make some guesses. After appearing with E3 2017 with a great trailer, God of War maybe appear.

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The Last of Us 2 didn’t show up at E3 2017, as Naughty Dog explained that he didn’t want the game to “steal the shine” of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. But now, with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy just a week away from release, TLOUP2 will obviously be brought to the PlayStation Experience by Naughty Dog at the 2017 PlayStation Experience. Death Stranding is also likely to shine at this year’s PlayStation Experience stage. .


Sony’s E3 2017 has been criticized because the number of titles that this publisher offers is not enough to satisfy players. Therefore, many gamers have predicted that PlayStation Experience will be Sony’s main stage with a series of blockbusters. Anyway, it’s all just guesswork, we’ll have to wait until December to know exactly what this year’s event will be. Now, PS4 gamers can only hope and wait. Emergenceingame.Com will continue to update the latest information about this event in the near future.


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