Falling jaws with a series of pictures of Thanos of netizens


The first trailer of Avengers Infinity War was officially detonated… brought a crazy storm through the world cinema. With great images, this trailer immediately attracted tens of millions of views.. becoming one of the hottest movie trailers in history. However, Avengers Infinity War still leaves an indelible ripple in the eyes of fans … nothing else is the image of the villain. Thanos.

Unlike previous times, the image of Thanos of Avengers Infinity War no longer wears the typical hat and seems to have not been completed with the technique, making the skin color not true to the comic version. And immediately the fan community reacted in a way that could not be more “let go”. Although it started out as a goal to find a new hat for Thanos .. but in an instant everything spiraled out of control.


And finally the version of Thanos with Superman’s mouth..

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