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The villains that make others admire in Naruto

1.Shimura Danzo

The bad things that Shimura Danzo did can be said to be innumerable, in order to become Hokage he did not use any tricks. Even putting Konoha in danger he didn’t care. When Pain began his invasion, Danzo was the elder of the village, holding a team of Root (masked) and ordered his subordinates to stand outside and observe, not to participate in the battlefield. Throughout the series, Shimura Danzo is known as a coward, weak-minded, greedy for life, afraid of death, inhuman ready to harm people for his own gain. However, when facing Sasuke and Obito – the two most threatening characters to Konoha – he fought bravely. After losing at the hands of Sasuke, he no longer wanted to live for fear of death, but chose to use the sealing technique to commit suicide, and wanted to take both of them with him.


2. Hoshigaki Kisame

Kisame lives very seriously to the extreme, so he has killed many people. He considers information the most important, despite all means to protect information, including killing teammates to protect information from falling into Konoha’s hands and killing Fuguki who sold the information to the enemy. When Kisame hid in the Samehada Bar and ventured into the shinobi alliance’s lair, he gathered a lot of useful information for Obito. Here on the way back he was arrested. Knowing he could not survive, he bit his tongue to wake himself up and committed suicide with his own jutsu. His death left Gai shocked and awestruck. He died but his mission was still accomplished. Despite being an enemy, Gai had to say: “Hoshigaki Kisame I will forever remember your name”, it can be seen how much respect Gai has for him. In the last minutes of his life, Kisame remembered Itachi – the person he admired. He said to himself “Itachi, I finally know what the meaning of my existence is”. His death was also a sacrificial death for the great story of the Ninja world, but unfortunately he sacrificed himself for “Fantasy”.


3. Uchiha Obito

Hoshigaki Kisame was the one who first instigated the “Nine-Tails Chaos”, making the entire Uzumaki family Naruto fell into tragedy, causing Konoha to suffer a lot of damage, the Mist Village turned into hell and the Rain Village the war lasted for many years non-stop. All because of the pain of the death of the girl he loved during his teenage years. Because Naruto was successful in changing Obito’s view of life, so he broke the Curse of Hatred, Obito also understood why Naruto succeeded and he failed. He sincerely wants to atone for his past mistakes despite being repeatedly sabotaged by Black Zetsu. Obito decided to do the same as Nagato, using his life in exchange for the return of all those killed by him and Madara during the war. Facing Madara for the last time, Obito insisted that he was not “Uchiha Madara” now, but the old Obito who wanted to become Hokage. With Kakashi’s help, he was able to seal Kurama’s Yin chakra into Naruto and bring him back to life.


4. Uchiha Itachi

Although Itachi is not inherently a true villain, throughout the first part of the story perfectly plays a villain that makes other characters and Naruto fans misunderstood. After his death, the truth behind his life was told by Tobi (Uchiha Obito). Moreover, he is a great person, always thinking for the common good first, a true Ninja, always living and dying for the peace of Konoha, and a brother who always looks for his brother with all his heart. heart. Itachi’s last battle was when he purposely invited Sasuke to the Uchiha clan’s secret room to have a final duel. He showed a lust for Sasuke’s Sharingan eyes. But actually Itachi wanted to imprison Orochimaru in the curse mark on Sasuke’s neck forever in order to free Sasuke from him. After that, he started to weaken but still managed to pull the last bit of strength to get closer to Sasuke. In fact, Itachi didn’t take away his Sharingan eyes, but just pressed his brother’s forehead lightly with his hand like before (in order to transfer all his vision to him).


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