Top 15 mutants capable of “immortal immortality” in the Marvel universe (P.1)

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15. Dr. Nemesis (Born in 1906 in San Francisco, 108 years old)

Dr. Nemesis has the ability to delay his own aging, through research he was able to change his biological structure and increase his physical strength.

14. Sabretooth (Around 129 -146 years old)

Sabretooth possesses the ability to heal such as: Slow aging, heal wounds and injuries extremely quickly like Wolverine and also have the ability to “immortal immortality”. Whether it’s strength, speed, observation or reflexes, Sabretooth’s senses surpass even Wolverine’s.

13. Black Womb (About 144 years old)

The Black Womb mutant has the ability to be immortal, but he cannot control aging with age. Although still possessing powers and other abilities, unlike other characters who can “be forever young”, Black Womb’s appearance will gradually age.

12. Absalom (About 150 years old)

Absalom is also known as Mister M. He has abilities that make people fear. Not only can no one destroy, but even if he destroys, he will come back to life. The most terrifying thing is that the thorns are grown from Absalom’s own bones, making it difficult for opponents to touch him, so Absalom’s immortality is not surprising anymore.

11. Wolverine (Born 1832 in Alberta, Canada, age 185)

Wolverine aka Logan has many powerful abilities. Especially among them is the ability to recover many times faster than normal people, slow down aging, heal wounds and injuries extremely quickly, within a few seconds. Moreover, with super strong resistance, Logan is also immune to most diseases and poisons.

10. Cyber (About 200 years old)

Cyber ​​has an extremely slow aging rate and the ability to respawn after being killed. He also has very strong claws made of adamantium alloy. Moreover, Cyber ​​also possesses superior health, the ability to mentally coerce others and monitor the opponent’s brain waves.

9. Mystique (Difficult to predict age, born around 19th century, over 200 years old)

This female mutant also has the ability to delay her aging process. Not only that, she also has a very scary regeneration ability. The transformation ability that Mystique possesses makes it even more difficult for others to determine the age. However, according to her self-confirmation, this mutant has reached the age of nearly 200.

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