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Tfue explains why playing Fortnite with a controller at tournaments is no different from using Hack

The debate about whether the feature supports stare and shoot above handle whether it’s too strong or not has erupted quite a bit since game became popular and players began to use the controller for the PC games.

The division between the two sides deepened with the appearance of the Tournaments weekly online, such as Cash Cup and Championship Fortnite seasonal.

At Cash Cup on October 31 when Tfue collect a player that is later confirmed to be in use controller on PC.

Although he was superior to his opponent, the player using the controller managed to defeat Tfue with perfect precision.


After the loss, Tfue talked a lot about how these online tournaments should sometimes be separated based on the Peripherals that the player is using.

He said: “I wish there were mouse and keyboard Cash Cups, because I felt like I could have won that game. I beat all the PC players I met, but one player played with my hands. the handle aimed correctly at me. I can tell if a shot is natural or thanks to the device.”

He then went on to explain that it’s true unfair when someone can “shoot well” without having to work as hard as you.


Tfue talked a lot about this during the stream

“If my years of practice are brought down by a kid who doesn’t even know how to aim, then I feel really sad. I feel sadder than anyone because when it comes to my style of play, the point is. My standout in Fortnite is aiming, so if I can’t take out a player with better gear than me, that’s really sad.”

Epic Games There have been times when limiting players can enter certain tournaments in the past, hosting platform-exclusive events like the Xbox-only contest at the end of Season 10.

Furthermore, when discussing the competitive landscape for Chapter 2: Season 1, they mentioned their plans to hold more such tournaments in the future.

However, with players being able to use the controller on PC without issue, the big question remains whether Epic will limit some competitions based on peripherals, although that seems to be the case. like it’s very unlikely at this point.​

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