“Staying alive” in the midst of the pandemic, Pokemon GO achieved the largest revenue ever

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2020 is considered the year of titles mobile games and Pokemon GO Undoubtedly one of the most successful titles. The game has earned nearly $1.2 billion, an increase of $378,000 compared to last year, bringing the game into the list of 5 mobile games with revenue of over $ 1 billion in 2020. This is also considered a record revenue. of the Pokemon GO so far.


COVID-19 outbreaks on a large scale since the beginning of this year, causing many impacts on the world gaming village. In the US, during the period of social distancing, people spend more time using smartphones, on average each person spends an extra 23 minutes a day on their phones. In China, instead of going to Internet cafes, people choose to go home and play games. This in general has brought a valuable opportunity for mobile games.​

Stuck in epidemic Globally, Pokemon GO still enjoys such success largely due to a change in circumstances. As you know, Pokemon GO is a game that encourages people to go out and move on the road, which is good in normal times but becomes an obstacle for gamers when social distancing. Developers Niantic immediately launched a new mechanism for players to comfortably experience Pokemon GO at home without having to set foot on the street. Niantic has also canceled real-life events, instead giving away Pokemon and additional gifts to players in the game.​


We do not know when this pandemic will end but surely the amount for games, especially mobile games will continue to increase, Pokemon GO will not be out of this range.​

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