Can Vainglory All Stars become an esports?

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Vainglory All Stars is a mobile game released on iOS and Android devices. Inspired by two popular games Vainglory and Brawl Stars, it’s not unusual that Vainglory All Stars has an interface quite similar to Brawl Stars and can control the character with a joystick. Every character in the game has a different auto-attack finish skill to finish off the opponent.


Because the Brawl Stars game has an international Esports Brawl Stars Championship 2020 tournament, the gaming community always questions whether Bazooka Tango do the same thing with Vainglory All Stars?

Bo Daly – Co-founder of Bazooka Tango said they often think about this too. It is well known that Daly has extensive experience in Esports as he was the founder and CEO of Super Evil Mega Corp (SEMC), the team behind Vainglory. At its peak, Vainglory’s Esports segment attracted many teams from many famous electronic companies such as Team Solomid, Cloud9, G2 Esports, etc. But you also know that not many mobile games can sustain. scale and achieve the same achievements as Vainglory has achieved in the Esports segment.

Daly himself really wants Vainglory All Stars to enter the Esports segment, but he respects the opinion of the gaming community, saying he will only do so if everyone is supportive.


Bazooka Tango said that they received $2.5 million due to BITKRAFT Esports Ventures sponsored. BITKRAFT is a venture capital fund focused on gaming, Esports and media founded by Jens Hilgers in 2017. He is also the founder of ESL, co-founder and president of G2 Esports.

Future Vainglory All Stars Whether it will enter the Esports segment or not is still a mystery. The latest information related to this game will be updated most quickly by Emergenceingame.Com team on Emergenceingame.Com

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