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When Batman put on the Green Lantern ring and bathed the whole galaxy in blood

With fans of Batmanseries Dark Nights: Metal is going to the hottest moments when the sick version of the Dark Knight is revealed one after another. The words Red Death – the Flash’s killer and usurper until Murder Machine – the artificial intelligence version of the butler Alfred is absorbing Bruce Wayne’s body, these names are becoming more disgusting than ever.

In the latest part of the series called Dawnbreaker, the image of Batman with the Green Lantern ring also makes fans feel even more stupid. The idea that wearing a ring represents the power of will and good in the universe is that Bruce Wayne can become a superhero.. no, the orphaned teenager has turned into an animal. no more humanity.


Born on Earth-32, Bruce Wayne in this world also witnessed the image of his family falling under Joe Chill’s gun like any other world. However, instead of trying to destroy the growing evil in his heart, Bruce Wayne of Earth-32 doesn’t feel anything as he stands next to his parents’ corpses. No fear, no pain, no sadness, no loneliness.. Nothing but crazy eyes looking at the perpetrator. It was at that time when Green Lantern Abin Sur’s ship crashed on Earth, his ring mistakenly recognized the emptiness inside Bruce Wayne’s heart with the will to overcome fear and officially chose him as Green. Lantern of Sector 2814.

However, the ring is still correct, even if only partially correct. Despite his lack of fear and pain, Bruce Wayne has more than enough anger and will. Before this person, we somewhat see the image of a Red Lantern that carries the power of rage.. but no, inside his heart harbors a darkness without power in the universe. can be measured. There, when the ring tried to prevent Bruce Wayne from using his powers to kill Joe Chill, his will was so strong that it completely broke the protocol installed by the Guardians, releasing an unprecedented morbid magical energy within. the ring as well as the inside of Bruce Wayne’s heart.


After overcoming the ring’s no-kill rule, Bruce Wayne creates creatures that closely resemble the Parallax entity, but are blue in color and have a bat-like appearance. He called them friends, the last people in the world who would walk with him on the dark journey ahead. With new powers in hand, Bruce embarks on a bloody crusade in the name of protecting Gotham. Although initially hailed as a hero, Bruce soon reveals that he only wants to satisfy the hatred and extreme bloodlust inside. He kills people one by one in the most gruesome ways possible.. all in the name of justice.

Gradually the ring under his control also changed, no longer bearing a bright green light like a righteous Green Lantern, but a dark cloudy blue, a blue mixed with dirty black matter surrounding it. around the teenager. Everywhere in the streets of Gotham were the corpses of the great villains who dared to confront him, or rather, the remains of the body. And those who died at his hands were not only the wicked, but also the innocent. When Commissioner Gordon offered his disapproval of going too far, Bruce responded very briefly.

Just a cold sentence, before using the ring to burn the body of the Police Commissioner alive.​


Soon Bruce Wayne’s actions pose a great threat to the entire Green Lantern force and led by the Guardians. Knowing they must confront a new force, a sick version of the power of the green spectrum, the entire Green Lantern Corps is summoned just to capture Bruce Wayne. But when they arrive, they suddenly realize that the ring in Bruce’s hand not only has the power to realize imagination, but also easily cuts off the energy of any other Green Lantern ring. And so the entire mighty Green Lantern Corps became fish on the cutting board, allowing our Bruce Wayne to slaughter without a life..

“Please stop.. Darkness.. it will destroy everything..” – A Guardian said to Bruce Wayne before his head was pulled off.


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