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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal will become the villain of Spider-Man in the new movie?

Recently, it is known that the famous Hollywood actor – Jake Gyllenhaal will join the movie alliance about superheroes through the movie. Spider-man: Homecoming 2. It is known that he will take on the main villain role Mysterio, the arch-enemy of Spider-Man. It is known that actor Ryan Gosling (main male Lalaland) was targeted for this role, but due to contract problems, the producer sought Jake Gyllenhaal.


The most famous of Spider-Man’s enemies is the master of illusion Quentin Beck (Mysterio), who is a stuntman in the movie but he still wants to show himself in front of the camera to become famous. language. Then because seeing the popularity of Spider-Man so he realized that the harm Spider-Man will help him fulfill his wish. Although Mysterio has no superpowers, thanks to his mind reading, hypnosis, and stunt skills, he becomes a formidable opponent that makes him a formidable opponent. Spider-Man fell into trouble many times. He is one of the members of the evil group Sinister Six. The other member of the group is Vulture who was once the main antagonist in Homecoming Part 1 will also return in this part 2.

Vulture – the main villain in part 1

Previously, the Brokeback Mountain star had almost had the opportunity to play Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 (2004). However, later on, actor Tobey Maguire continued to play superhero Spider-Man, and Jake Gyllenhaal is constantly appearing in art films and causing a lot of buzz. It seems that Jake’s relationship with Spider-Man is still not over, so he continues to negotiate with Sony together Marvel Studios to join the cinematic universe Marvel. But instead of playing a superhero, he will stand on the front lines against Spider-Man.

Fans were excited to put together photos after hearing rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal will play Spider-Man

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