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Earthfall – Unique FPS brings Left 4 Dead “with blood” with Fortnite

The fans Left 4 Dead he still remembers the wonderful feeling of standing side by side with friends to kill themselves in front of a herd of Zombies flooding back like a hurricane.. The flames of the gunhead filled the screen, the strange silhouettes rushed back with a mad thirst for blood. .. is the image that is deeply imprinted in the minds of those who have experienced Left 4 Dead. And now those images will be reproduced again, but through a completely new rookie, a promising FPS game called Earthfall.


True to Left 4 Dead, Earthfall will let gamers step into a 4-player squad with the task of surviving through areas heavily infected by alien monsters. Multi-level gameplay with overwhelming enemies will force gamers to coordinate and combine smoothly to be able to survive to the end.


But the good point of Earthfall It also gives gamers the ability to lay out their defenses. Similar to Fortnite, players can build strong fence systems in parallel with the ability to “3D print” weapons for themselves. Using these two advantages, the player will die before the waves of monsters flood in with crazy numbers.


Currently, Earthfall is still in Early Accest testing on PC’s Steam system. However, next June the game will be officially released. For more information about the game, readers can directly visit here:

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