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FIFA gamer uses a new law to force the game company to reveal that he has spent nearly 400 million VND

GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation nice”General Data Protection Regulations“, is a new European Union law that protects users from theft of personal data by large companies. Applied on July 25, GDPR allows users to request requires the companies they are using the service to provide the personal data they have about themselves.It applies to all the big names like Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks.


However, few people know, it also applies to Game.. especially Game titles with Online elements. FIFA is one of the typical examples when gamers constantly compete with each other through fiery matches. Not only that, the FIFA versions in recent years have also traded in player card packages in order for players to build the strongest squad. And of course these card packs can be purchased with real money, leading to a gamer named Michael asking EA to provide all his personal data for the past 2 years.


Disclosure to Eurogamer, Michael said that EA has recorded a lot of his personal information for 2 years in a row. All this data is gathered through 2 PDF files with each file about 100 pages long, including 10 recordings of the conversation between this gamer and customer care. However, the most interesting thing about Michael’s personal data is the amount of money he has spent on the game.


Accordingly, EA revealed that Michael spent a total amount of up to 10 thousand USD within 2 years of playing the game. 10 thousand USD is about 231 million VND. This gamer said he was really surprised when he learned that he spent so much on a game. However, it is worth mentioning that Michael miscalculated the data that EA sent him. Accordingly, when looking at the PDF file that Michael shared, the first year he played the game he spent more than 6 thousand USD and the next year he spent about 10 thousand USD. With a total of 16,000 USD, this guy spent about 373 million VND into the game.

This is indeed a huge number, even with the high living conditions of Western countries. That’s why Michael felt how lucky he was to know this data early and to know the threshold before overdoing it.


Did you ever think you could spend that much money on games? How much do you estimate you’ve spent on a game so far? Let Emergenceingame.Com know through the comments below.

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