PUBG revealed the 3rd Map, forcing gamers to fight more

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PUBG is still one of the hottest games today, but with little update of content after version 1.0 and the hacker situation is still causing gamers headaches, the number of players in the game has begun to show signs of decline. reduction. However, with the new change, PUBG promises to once again rise as the king of the virtual world.


Accordingly, weapons help PUBG regaining form is the 3rd map that has just been officially revealed, bringing players to a tropical island with extremely eye-catching scenery. However, the visuals are not the only feature of this map because it also pushes gamers into more shooting situations than before.


Specifically, the 3rd Map of PUBG only has an area of ​​16 square kilometers, a quarter of the size of Erangel and Miramar. Because of the much smaller area, gamers will constantly encounter each other, pushing them into extremely tough and intense gunfights. Previously with 2 old Maps, gamers felt “sweating” every time they moved, now with this tropical-style map.. everything will become even crazier.


The father of PUBG – Brendan Greene shared.

Also because of its small area, this new Map has only 5 to 6 construction areas, posing an extremely high challenge in looting and fully equipped with guns for the next round. There is no official release date of this 3rd Map yet, but Emergenceingame.Com will continuously update information for readers as soon as possible.​

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