When Batman Becomes the God of War and Kills Wonder Woman Lover

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As fans know, the disgusting selves of Batman from the dark dimension Dark Multiverse has begun to invade the real world. Each of them represents a wrong choice in Batman’s life, choices that have corrupted the Dark Knight’s soul and turned into morbid monsters beyond imagination.

In the ranks of the “bat demon” Barbatos we point out most of the most disgusting Batman.. That is The Batman Who Laughs, The Red Death, The Muder Machine, The Dawnbreaker and the closest is The Drowned. Now Emergenceingame.Com invites you to another member of this evil force.. a bearer of the spirit of the god of war and the power of extreme bloodlust. Yes that is The Merciless.


The Merciless begins just like any otherworldly Batman. There in the “Earth negative 12” version, Bruce Wayne watched his parents die under the gun of Joe Chill when he was only 8 years old. With a passion for justice, he gradually matured and traveled the world so that I could hone my skills. He aspires to become a figure that fights against evil and protects innocent people. So he became Batman – the guardian of Gotham.

From here, Batman’s journey takes place not much different from his being on Earth, where he defeated so many enemies. It all comes when you’re with Wonder Woman – the person he loved, entered the war with the god of war Ares. No longer wearing a normal helmet, Ares now with a new helmet has multiplied his strength hundreds of thousands of times, allowing him to easily crush Batman and Wonder Woman at his feet. The image of Wonder Woman lying there… in Batman’s arms makes us feel excruciatingly painful when Bruce Wayne has to watch another loved one die.


However, the chance of victory is still in your hands Batman when Ares in a moment of carelessness had his hat knocked off his head. Faced with the opportunity to end the domination of the god of war once and for all, Batman puts on a hat that contains insane power. Even though he knew the price to pay would be his own soul, as a self-sacrificing person, he still made the final decision. And as soon as he put on the hat, Batman took Ares’ life without flinching.

It was from this moment when Batman took the first life at his hands, that he became an uncompromising or benevolent person. All in front of him is just a road with the ultimate goal of serving justice and anyone who dares to stand in his way must die. The Batman we once knew has now become the successor to the god of war with countless times more tyranny and ruthlessness.


But that’s not the end because Wonder Woman isn’t actually dead yet.. Surviving the war, the girl Batman loves is still unharmed. However, when seeing Batman become like that just because he wanted to avenge himself, Wonder Woman and the Amazon army tried to remove the hat from Batman’s head..

But as said with the power of the hat, an ordinary human can carry a hundred thousand times more power than a god. Not only that, but this is also Batman – who has the most calculating brain in the ranks of Earth’s superheroes. And of course, no one can beat him.. including the one he loves, Wonder Woman. The very moment when she failed to remove the other hat, Batman personally killed the only girl who entered his heart.. the one who, because he was eager for revenge, put on the god’s hat. war. A twist of irony and grim fate revolves around Batman, a life both resentful and pitiful for the man we later know by his name. The Merciless – “The Cruel One”.


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