GTA 5 – Groping in a ghost town, gamers encounter strange creatures

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If you are a gamer GTA 5.. you probably know the name “North Yankton”, an area in the game world based on the real life version of North Dakota. However, exactly, gamers cannot reach this area about 90% of the game time simply because it only appears twice: once in the opening and second in the quest “Bury the Hatchet”. . This is also the only place in the GTA 5 world that is covered with white snow and storms all year round, giving up a gloomy and lonely space to the cold. North Yankton’s only town is Ludendorff – one of the most spooky places in the gaming world. For those of you who don’t know, Ludendorff hides one of the game’s first mysteries. Accordingly, in the first scene when being chased, if you decide to go under the bridge on the way to escape, you can see the body of an alien being frozen under the water.. This proves that Ludendorff is not It’s not as quiet as one might think.


But with a small role in the plot, the entire North Yankton as well as Ludendorff is separated by the developer from the rest of GTA 5. If you follow the normal route of Los Santos, you cannot reach the town. no matter what vehicle is used. But with different tricks, players have been able to visit and explore Ludendorff freely throughout the years. Stepping in here, you will discover a special thing that Ludendorff does not have a human shadow simply because Rockstar does not apply an algorithm that allows the robot character to “spawn” here. No people, no animals, no vehicles.. there was nothing that gave life or moved but the bone-chilling cold wind. So when walking on the snowy streets you feel like you are striding in the middle of a haunted city.


In the GTA 5 community, players also spread the story of a creature that only appears in Ludendorff during low-light days and blizzards covering all sides. This creature is rumored to be found in two locations: one under the bridge where the alien monster’s body is buried in the ice, and the other along the North Yankton Highway. The nature of this creature changes through each player’s story.. from the ghost of the monster under the ice, the snowman to other ghostly creatures. To confirm this legend, a group of gamers at Youtube Channel “DaviDustin” conducted an investigation by staying in Ludendorff for many hours and discovering two locations where the other creature is believed to exist. Here are the results (town exploration starts at 5:27):​

After watching the clip, you can see that the player in the game has suddenly discovered the shadow of a fleeting creature on the snowy hill. Taking the shape of a deer, this seems to have completely refuted the argument that North Yankton did not appear any NPCs.. To verify the investigation team also conducted “star push” while in Los Santos and then teleports to North Yankton while still being pursued. Just a few seconds after appearing here, police cars and helicopters also began to follow the main character. Based on this evidence, the investigation team came to the conclusion that NPCs (including humans as well as animals) can still appear in North Yankton but only after a long period of time the main character is active here. However, this conclusion still cannot indicate the true nature of the creature transient in the Clip. Is it really a deer or some other creature that we have not known in the past? GTA 5?


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