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Gamers receive tons of “brick and stone” when saying that playing PUBG Mobile IQ is not as high as RoS

PUBG Mobile and RoS can be considered as two games Battle Royale genre Hottest item at the moment. However, the experiences they bring to players are completely different. Therefore, there have been many conflicting opinions around comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two titles survival game this.

Around the issue of comparing these two games with each other, recently, the post of a male gamer with NND facebook account could not help but attract many people when ordering PUBG Mobile and RoS on the same scale. However, the guy’s somewhat subjective, one-sided and clearly biased opinions make male gamers receive countless “bricks and stones” more than ever. After a series of analyzes from weapons, gameplay to graphics, this gamer draws the conclusion: playing PUBG Mobile cannot have high IQ processing phases like RoS. It is this that has made the PUBG Mobile gaming community a “frustration”.


Original NND’s comparisons and disparages of PUBG:

“To talk about this PUBG game, there are only kar98 guns fighting to pick up, there are not many choices for gamers. Drying guns are only a few akm scarl m416 all day long, seeing people close to them, they pick them up like dead fathers, when they see people far away, they can pick up their kars and shoot a few shots from afar, showing that they have good skills. A good skill in a gamer is to be able to play a variety of guns and fight in any terrain. And those are optimized at RoS. We can use melee to balance the team like a 2-member sotgun or a 1-piece wro, and the SMG gun does not have one on PUBG’s side. This side has 2 favorite and specialized guns such as mp7, thompson, long range gun with akm, an94, m14ebr, m4a1. I don’t understand why PUBG side took the rifles out to melee combat to dry people. The graphics looked bad, put money in to buy a gun, but it just waved a little colorfully, no difference at all compared to people who didn’t recharge. Playing games like that can’t get high IQ processing like the RoS side. Players are constantly moving to get the best range. Running into how early is also called high IQ? As for clothes, it’s okay, no more embarrassing. In general, PUBG is only for PC, on Mobile born late, so it doesn’t ask for much.”

The article, after being shared, has received countless “brick” comments because even though he seems to have a detailed and in-depth analysis, the guy’s arguments are not convincing, not to mention Some details are completely unrealistic.​



In a fair comparison, both PUBG Mobile and RoS, from a different perspective, offer their own great gameplay, depending on each person’s perception. PUBG Mobile is for those who want to study military tactics and look for challenges. ROS is for players looking for faster gameplay and oriented action. Therefore, we can play each game separately to get different experiences.

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