Fortnite overtakes CSGO to become Twitch’s biggest game

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Fortnite is one of the hottest games today with an extremely large number of gamers, especially in European and North American countries. Not only that with the name of Ninja – one of the most popular Streamers today, Fortnite continues to assert its overwhelming power.

But now, Fortnite has officially confirmed its “prestige” by surpassing an old game, a famous legend of the village. FPS ever. Yes that is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Accordingly the game title Battle Royale belong to Epic Games with the Celebrity Pro-Am event held at E3 2018 with the presence of many famous names, officially reached 1.5 million viewers at the same time. This number officially makes Fortnite the most viewed game in Twitch history, completely crushing the monument CSGO.


This is also thanks to a part of Fortnite that always knows how to “advertise” for its reputation when successfully inviting famous names like the recent DJ Marshmellow or the male singer Drake before. Knowing how to build a name plays a huge role in Fortnite’s popularity in Europe and North America, promising to go even further in the future.

Currently, Fortnite is also starting to target the Mobile market, with the ambition to further expand its influence. Readers can join the Fortnite community and Fortnite Mobile here:

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