PUBG’s controversial streamer suddenly “went down the mountain”

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Gamer Guy Beahm is commonly known in the community PUBG with the nickname Dr Disrespect, owns 1.4 million fans, once famous for the situation of shooting a head shot at a distance of more than 700m without seeing the opponent. About 2 weeks ago, this gamer suddenly announced to temporarily close the stream channel because he was “unfaithful” to his wife, but he suddenly reappeared in a “strange” image.

In the latest clip on Twitter, Dr Disrespect appears in the image as a hostage being kidnapped and has a woman sitting on her shoulder holding a knife to her neck. Amid the dramatic music, the gamer declared he “survived” and “will come back stronger, faster, dominating all opponents”. At the same time, the wife also appears and is introduced as “a deadly assassin” – that is, the one who is controlling Dr Disrespect.
Before that, the wife was also the reason why Dr Disrespect stopped streaming for a while. According to the confession, this gamer was “unfaithful” to his wife and decided to quit the game, “spending time correcting stupid mistakes”.


Dr Disrespect’s actions caused mixed reactions in the gaming community. Many people think that this is just an attention-grabbing behavior, or consider Dr Disrespect to be a jerk both in game and in real life. Meanwhile, there are still gamers who think that Dr Disrespect is just a joker in the game and cares about his family in real life. However, after the newly uploaded clip (with his wife sitting on his shoulder), most gamers believe that Dr Disrespect made up the story because no wife can forgive and join in the fun with her husband so quickly.​

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