What’s HOT in PUBG 5.2 update?

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A new PUBG PC update is now live on the test server, introducing new features to the game as well as items, weapons, gameplay tweaks, and more. Here are the details of the upcoming PUBG 5.2 update in the game.

PUBG PC 5.2 update introduces functionality PUBG Labs, allowing players to participate in testing new features and directly comment on game-related issues, helping developers perfect the version.

What are you hot at pubg 5 2?

Add test system, adjust Vikendi snow map in PUBG PC

PUBG 5.2 update details

1. PUBG Labs

PUBG Labs is a space where developers will work with the community and players to test new game modes, rule sets, features, and more. Gamer feedback on the systems and tests they run in PUBG Labs will directly benefit the community, evolving in terms of player priorities.

What are you hot at pubg 5 2?

2. New Thorn Trap Item

– Spike Traps aka Gai Gai can puncture any car’s tire running through the spike strip.
+ A Thorn Trap can only damage one vehicle before it disappears.
+ The Spike Trap punctures the tire, but does not damage the overall vehicle.
– Spike Traps appear proportional to other throws on the map in the game.
– You can place a Thorn Trap by selecting it and pressing LMB. Once you have set a Spike Trap, you cannot get it back.

What are you hot at pubg 5 2?

3. Update Vikendi

The update also brings some changes to the Vikendi map, changes that will make it easier for players to engage in duels. Various vehicles will appear on the map to help you get through the white cotton balls, but be wary of the Thorn Traps in the snow-covered hills or a landslide that will bring you down.
– Improved terrain
+ New roads added to ease the difficulty of navigating through some of the snow covered areas of Vikendi.
+ The number of vehicles on the map increased and the position adjusted.
+ The river around the Castle has frozen, allowing you to move more easily.
+ Located in the center of Vikendi, Mount Kreznic consists of many different types of terrain that are difficult to navigate. To remedy this, the overall height of the mountain was lowered.

– Improved towns
+ Volnova has been reshaped, buildings and driving routes have been modified.
+ The number of items in Peshkova increased.
+ The garage where the vehicles appeared in Trevno has been relocated.
+ Some buildings have been removed or replaced with different buildings to improve gameplay, the view from tall buildings has been adjusted after structural changes.

– Game balance
+ The green zone on Vikendi has been adjusted so that players can strategize with more diverse route choices.
+ The size of the safe area has increased.
+ Blue Zones speed increased.
+ Randomness of Blue Zones positions during the match is slightly increased.
+ The position of the vehicle has been modified according to the new Blue Zones balance.

What are you hot at pubg 5 2?

4. Add the Way Point feature

– Way Point feature has been added for you to strategically plan routes.
– You can only use this feature when the map is open (M key).
– Press ALT + mouse to place the first point while ALT is held, and click another to add the point. You can release ALT to delete the starting point.
– Up to 4 points can be placed per group of Stops.
– Press ALT + Del to delete the set Stop. When you place a new starting point somewhere else, existing Stops will disappear.
– In Duo/Squad Mode, when teammates place Way Points, they will appear on the map with a Radio Message. You can change the setting to not show Breakpoints from the Team Management menu in the game.

What are you hot at pubg 5 2?

Above is all the content that will appear in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when they are updated to 5.2. You can access PUBG test server to join the experience before the new version, features and game modes.
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