Anatomy of the 10 most disgusting objects in the game world

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They are just products of the virtual world, they are just 3D shapes created by someone, they will never be real.. Those are the thoughts that we still take to comfort ourselves when encountering with others. “them”, the most bloodthirsty and disgusting creatures in the game territory. But even knowing that, we still can’t stop them from swarming and gnawing away at our hearts..

If you are living half-dead in front of those creatures, then let’s Emergenceingame.Com “dissect” the 10 most disgusting and scary names in the game world right here.


Slender Man

The first record of Slender Man was a photo on the forum Something Awful, posted by member Eric Knudsen. This black and white photo captures a group of children playing in a park, but far in the background, under the trees, is an unusually tall and thin silhouette surrounded by tentacle-shaped objects.

This photo is titled:


Not long after the legend of Slender Man spread in the community, a game with Slender: The Eight Pages also gradually revealed, allowing players to play the role of an anonymous protagonist being chased by a “no face” figure wearing a black suit..


They are not ordinary virus infected dogs, they are biological weapons strains created in a very special way by the Umbrella corporation. Experts believe that the amount of T-virus implanted in the Cerberus’s body is lower than that of normal zombie dog strains, keeping them agile and hunting habits.


Cerbersus became a threat shortly after the outbreak caused by Dr. James Marcus. From here any hiker or climber who dared to prowl too deep into the forest would be mercilessly dismembered by the hungry swarm of Cerberus. It was also from this incident that the STAR force had to send an investigation team to the forest, kicking off the first events in the forest. Resident Evil first.

Cerberus is also the cause for a scene considered the most heartbreaking in the history of the series. There in the first part, Chris Redfield almost lost his life when a Cebersus jumped out of nowhere in the mansion, shattered the glass, and ran towards him like a moth.


What will innocent children be like when a zombie pandemic hits the city? What happens to them when a mysterious artifact turns all humans into sick, dehumanized creatures? Crawlers are the answer Dead Space 2 sent to the player.

First appearing at the elementary school on the space station, Crawler are monsters transformed from the corpses of orphans. Although originating like Lurker, the body of Crawker evolved to serve a completely different purpose. The abdomen there will be enlarged to accommodate the skin-exploding organs. The head and torso will also be twisted backwards so that the abdomen can face forward, thereby making it easier to kill the victim. In addition, the hind legs are also stuck together, causing them to move in a weird way similar to that of a worm.


The extreme disfigurement in front of such a child really makes anyone have nightmares every time they think about it, in case if you are still alive after encountering them.


What if a psychopath thinks he’s a pig? In Manhunt – the most controversial game in the history of gaming, we will have the answer when we witness Pigsy… a monstrous product with a pig’s head and a chainsaw in his hand.


Piggsy inside is a psychopathic cannibal who likes to wear a pig’s head and kill his victims with a chainsaw. Having the appearance of a middle-aged man, but inside Piggsy has completely lost humanity and the connection to life in reality. In fact, for him, the definition of “living” was gone. Piggsy’s mental state was dragged down the evolutionary ladder, when only animal expressions remained and the ability to communicate completely lost. This monstrosity actually just roars lifelessly and repeats a few words from the part of the human brain that is still lying somewhere inside the skull.


Piggsy was kept inside an abandoned loft and fed on human flesh, which was delivered by the Cerberus sentinel. Although Cerberus himself is also a cold-blooded killer, for them Piggsy is the embodiment of beastliness and ultimate murderous madness, making them afraid of this monster in human form.

To be continued.

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