Tips to level up Laplace M fastest for newbies

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If you’re just starting out with Laplace M and still looking for the fastest way to level up, check out Taimienphi’s beginner’s guide for good strategy, unlock activities, and make sure you don’t fall behind. other gamers.

Today, Laplace M officially launched and took the mobile gaming world by storm, continuing to draw more players into its fantastic fantasy world. Like in most MMORPGs, the time you can spend on Laplace M will greatly affect how quickly you can progress, relative to the character level and skill you want to increase.

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How to level up Laplace M fast for newbie

Complete the main quest.

– When you click on the map in the upper right corner of your screen, you can see a lot of different icons on the left side of the screen, clicking on them will help your character automatically go to the location or Teleport if you are on another map. Completing them will give you a lot of experience points.

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Complete the quest chain in the Kingdom.

– You can easily access the Kingdom by clicking the icon on the top right of the screen (next to the map). There are many different objectives and rewards that give the player a large amount of EXP, the difficulty of which is proportional to the experience points. Most quests can be easily completed by clicking the accept button at the bottom of the quest page and letting it do it automatically.

– Be sure to complete the quests in the Kingdom, although each quest may not provide more experience points than the other events, they are very easy to complete and in return also provide additional items, parts Regular or rare rewards are all due to your luck.

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Participate fully in activities and events to receive EXP.

– With the above activities you can get most of the EXP points to quickly level up Laplace M, but there are some other quest chains that are only opened daily, or timed expeditions, boss hunting with guild to receive experience points or extremely valuable gifts.

– Those activities only appear when it’s time for a certain time and anyone can join. Consists of Dance Party, fight Guild War, hunt World Boss or meeting event Guild ball (similar to campfire in some other mobile games), Revelation Trials time-limited activities … are continuously updated on each game version.

Taimienphi hopes that you have selected some good playing strategies from what we have shared. If you have anything to share regarding the game or tutorial here, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments section below. Also don’t forget to receive Code Laplace CODE before you start the experience.
– Link to download Android version: Laplace M for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Laplace M for iPhone

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