Instructions to download and play Subway Surfers game on your phone

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The operation to download Subway Surfers and play on iPhone and Android phones is relatively simple for many familiar users but relatively difficult for new users, the following instructions will capture and help you download and play the game. this in the most efficient and time-saving way.

Games that are in the Top of App Store or Google ratings often change according to trends year after year. However, some games are still attractive and maintain a large number of players at any time, Subway Surfers is such a game.

guide and play subway surfers game on mobile phones

Instructions to download and play Subway Surfers on your phone

With simple gameplay, the screen design is constantly being refreshed, Download Subway Surfers and playing on the phone will give players exciting experiences in many different ways.

Instructions to download and play the game Subway Surfers

Instructions to download Subway Surfers on your phone

Step 1: First of all, click on the link shared by Taimienphi below to download the latest version of Subway Surfers from the publisher’s original server;

– Download Subway Surfers for iPhone
– Download Subway Surfers for Android

Step 2: Immediately, you will be taken directly to where to download Subway Surfers on the app market. Here, you click the . button Receive if using an iPhone or Setting if using Android;

Guide to playing and playing subway surfers game on mobile phones 2

The installation process will take place in a few minutes. To make sure the process goes smoothly, you need to take care to reserve about 100 MB of free space on the device;

Instructions for playing Subway Surfers game on your phone

The main content of Subway Surfers is that you need to run along the subway tracks, collecting coins and items on the track while being chased by the tough inspector and the dog. While moving, you also need to avoid obstacles such as trains, light poles, wooden fences, …

How to play Subway Surfers, you just need to swipe left, right to move from one running lane to another. Swipe forward to jump up or swipe back to flip down. But no matter what, you must always keep moving forward and not be slowed down.

Guide to playing and playing subway surfers game on mobile phones 3

To increase the variety of the game as well as improve the score, collect coins more effectively, Subway Surfers is equipped with a lot of support tools. Jetpack (Missile Backpack) and Coin Magnet (Magnet) help you to earn more coins. Meanwhile Sneakers (Shoes) and Multiplier It helps you to temporarily increase your mobility, or the score does not directly help you collect coins, but it is also quite dangerous to use.

Besides collecting coins on the run, Subway Surfers players can also perform system tasks to win rewards, unlocking more special items.

As can be seen, Subway Surfers is an entertaining game suitable for all ages. With a bright cartoon graphic style and regular map updates, it’s not difficult to understand why Subway Surfers has continued to stand firmly on the charts of favorite apps on the app market throughout the years.
Through the article, Taimienphi has introduced how to download Subway Surfers on the phone and the operations to play. Hopefully through the article, users who have known or never played can download and install Subway Surfers for entertainment in their spare time. In addition, to get a high score in the game, please refer to the tips play Subway Surfers get high score here.

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