What’s hot about Yugih5 when it attracts more than 2000 gamers to join Battle City Season 2

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Even if it’s just a tournament within the card community Yugih5, but after only a short time, the Battle City season 2 tournament has attracted more than 2,000 players to compete. This is not a small number for a new game genre that has just been released recently.

Battle City season 2 – the most anticipated tournament in the Yugih5 player community has officially kicked off at the beginning of this March. After the resounding success of the first season, in this second season, will Battle City satisfy the expectations of thousands of players?

More epic, more professional and more attractive rewards

The Battle City season 2 tournament has officially kicked off.

Battle City – a professional magic card tournament where players can freely compare tactics and honor the best players. Since the first tournament took place in January, Battle City has left a resounding echo in the Yugih5 player community. Not only because this is a professional tournament organized by the publisher, the first stage to gather thousands of participants, but also in the high-class and dramatic competitions between the players.

With Battle City season 2, the competition rules and prizes will be somewhat different from season 1, in order to create a more professional and epic tournament. To participate in the competition in Battle City this season, the players have to spend a week of dramatic rank racing to reach the TOP 50 Duel at each server and the TOP 2,000 Duel between Yugih5’s servers. With the above competition rules, the organizers will select the best and talented players for this tournament.

Currently on Fanpage Yugih5 has announced the list of players eligible to participate in the tournament.

The scale of Battle City season 2 is also larger than season 1 when it gathers 2,048 cards to compete. The first round of the tournament is expected to take place on March 20, 2018. And the players will have a period of 1 week from March 5, 2018 to March 11, 2018 to race to win tickets to this tournament.

The rewards for high-ranked players in Battle City season 2 are also extremely attractive.​

  • 4th place: 3,000 Gem + 10 Golden Thunder.​

  • 3rd place: 5,000 Gem + 10 Golden Loi Nha + Representative box “Third place”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 2nd place: 10,000 Gem + 20 Lei Nha Vang + Representative frame “Grade 2”​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 1st place: 20,000 Gems + 50 Glory Stones + Representative Frame “Rank 1” + Backside “Battle City 2 Champion”.​

In addition, the eliminated players in Round 2 and Round 3 also have the opportunity to receive many valuable Gems.

Is the heart of the game operators

For Yugih5 operators, Battle City is not only a card tournament for players, but also a passion, cherished and carefully prepared to provide a great experience for players, creating a playground for the community of players as well as step by step building a foundation to enter the world of eSports.

With a player community of nearly 80,000 members and growing, having professional and large-scale tournaments like Battle City will help connect the community, create activities for players to show off their skills as well. like learning each other’s tactics. Currently, on the community group of Yugih5 there are also quite a lot of amateur tournaments organized by the players themselves and received a great response from the players as well as the support of the Yugih5.Yugih5 executive board. are amateur tournaments or professional tournaments, they will also be useful playgrounds for the community of players.


Currently, the list of players eligible to participate in Battle City season 2 has been announced, players should hurry up on the Yugih5 fanpage to register to compete right away. It is expected that on March 20, 2018 will start the series of group stage matches. The players participating in the competition should prepare themselves a great deck and regularly update the tournament information to have a fiery competition season.

Play now at: http://play.h5.zing.vn/goto/YgAo
Home page: https://yugih5.com
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/yugih5/
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yugih5/

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