Tom Holland wants Spider-Man to have a chance to meet Black Panther’s sister

Blockbuster Black Panther of the Marvel currently sweeping cinemas around the world. In addition to the new king of Wakanda – T’Challa, there is a member of the royal family who also attracts the attention of many viewers, which is Black Panther’s sister – Shuri.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

In the comic version, Shuri has the same strength as his brother T’Challa. She joined the cinematic universe Marvel as a genius inventor and outstanding intellect. Even Nate Moore, the producer Black Panther praising Shuri as “smartest person in the world, smarter than Tony Stark”. Moreover, this Wakanda princess also accompanies in the process of building the kingdom and helps her brother a lot, she also has an extremely tolerant heart. Perhaps attracted by Shuri’s perfection that the actor Tom Holland said that if he could choose his path, he would give Spider-Man Pack your bags and head to Wakanda early so you can hang out with the wise sister of “Black Panther”.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the influence of Black Panther and Wakanda to the future MCUactor Tom Holland said: “I think Peter Parker would love that. Letitia Wright and I have become really good friends over the past year. It would be great if our characters in the movie had a chance to meet each other, it would certainly be great. She did a great job in the movie, Shuri’s scenes are my favorite part of Black Panther.”


If this really happens, it will certainly be good news for fans, who have noticed many similarities between Tom Holland’s enthusiastic Peter Parker and Letitia Wright’s confident Shuri. Both are teenage geniuses who can control their own battles, and both have adults as their mentors. So who knows, the producer of MCU will also consider this idea of ​​Tom Holland and bring “Spider-Man” to meet “Black Panther” sister in a movie project at a date not far in the future.


Story about Black Panther Happening after Captain America: Civil Wars, Black Panther returns to the kingdom of Wakanda to inherit the throne left by his father. This is a kingdom with extremely advanced science and technology but completely isolated from the outside world. However, having just ascended the throne, King T’Challa – also Black Panther must face the danger when enemies of the past reappear, causing Black Panther caught up in a tense battle between justice and cruelty. This also puts the fate of Wakanda kingdom and the whole world on the brink of danger. The film is directed and produced by Ryan Coogler. Currently, the film is present in cinemas nationwide with the participation of famous stars such as: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Letitia Wright. ..

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