5-year-old boy “try hard” 21 hours to break Bloodborne Island

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Recently a video of a boy playing Bloodborne skillfully suddenly appeared on social networks, attracting the attention of a large number of gamers. It is known that this boy named Ezra, this year is 5 years old and is the son of Twitter user Robbie Fox, the video above was posted by the boy’s father.

Robbie Fox shared, he is a fan of the Souls series, one fine day while playing games, he suddenly came up with the idea for his 5-year-old son to watch his father play and experience the super products of this series. Surprisingly, Ezra has excellent performance, moreover, he also loves these games.​


After that, Fox took the time to teach his children the movements and important points of the character in Bloodborne. Ezra boy took 2 weeks (total of 21 hours) to crack the game. During the game, Fox was always by his side to guide his children, because Ezra was young and did not understand the plot, so Ezra often ignored all the details and just rushed straight into the Boss.​


Fox further shared, because Bloodborne is an age-restricted game, he is always by his son’s side throughout the game, if he sees Ezra scared, he will immediately turn off the game. Closing the journey with Bloodborne, now this male gamer who is about to enter primary school is very interested in the game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the boy’s father has also promised to let him try it out after the game is released.​

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