What is the PS Vita memory card used and is it the same as phone memory?

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when the The PS Vita series of models has ended then everything related to this Sony handheld game console like accessories, PS Vita memory cards, games are even harder to find. Most Vita gamers will have trouble finding a memory card for their device – especially for the PS Vita 1000 model because this series has no internal memory and wants to save games or play some titles that require a card. mind.

instructions for the PS Vita memory card

So the question is what kind of PS Vita memory card does and is it the same as the phone’s memory card? Today we will find out again with nShop!

PS Vita memory cards are completely different from phone memory cards!

Yes, if Nintendo 2DS – 3DS – 3DS XL uses SD memory card and New 3DS, New 3DS XL, New 2DS XL or Nintendo Switch use microSD memory card Similar to popular phones on the market, Sony’s PS Vita series uses a very … specific standard of memory card that is PS Vita Memory Card. That means the tragedy happened when Sony officially stopped producing this line, you won’t find it on the market for the memory card of the device!

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The PS Vita memory card has 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities quite expensive compared to MicroSD series. In terms of size, the PS Vita memory card is a little bigger and thicker than MicroSD, the card reader slot is also different in size so you can’t try to insert a MicroSD card inside. The only fire fighting measure that helps you to use the MicroSD card on the PS Vita is the device converter adapter SD2Vita (See User manual at the NintendoVN forum) with your machine condition unlocking already.

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This makes it difficult for those who love copyright games but finding memory cards in this stage Vita machine. The mistake is probably from the early stage of production when Sony has set high expectations for the sales of this system, but the actual sales are poor, leading to the production of memory cards not reaching the required number. bridge. As a result, this PS Vita memory card is too expensive compared to MicroSD and the speed is not comparable to that of the latest MicroSD standards.

Tips for gamers preparing to come to PS Vita

Even if you are a fan of Sony Playstation, you should refer to the following:

  • If you have not bought a PS Vita device yet, abandon that idea and focus your money on PS4 (If you have a PS4 then wait for PS5) Instead of wasting money on gaming consoles that have been discontinued but if there is a failure with no replacement parts, the memory card cannot be found to buy another card if it is damaged!
  • PS Vita is a very nice machine with nice graphics. But if possible, you should switch to the Nintendo Switch (See “should buy a PS Vita or Nintendo Switch” to find more about) for a better experience.
  • If you want to buy a PS Vita device too, you should choose PS Vita 2000 instead of PS Vita 1000. Why? Simply the 2000 machine has 1GB of internal memory – if you can’t find a PS Vita memory card to buy, you can also use the internal memory to save the game then buy the original game. If you want to play hack, use SD2Vita, you don’t need extra memory card to install hack.
  • If someone offers to sell you a PS Vita 1000 be sure to include a memory card, or you should look to buy a PS Vita memory card before buying a PS Vita 1000 because it is more difficult to find a memory card than buying a PS Vita machine. times.
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