What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.19 update

Coming here on 7.7, PUBG Mobile will roll out its latest update. Accordingly, the update 0.19 There will be many improvements as well as new features for players such as new game modes, new maps or systems Royale Pass new.

Ancient secret regime

Ancient secret regime

The new mode in the next update will be named Ancient secret regime. A place where gamers will find solutions to puzzles inside the 3 large pyramids. After that, you will have to fight the mummies and loot loot from treasure chests.

Royale Pass Season 14

Royale Pass Season 14

Royale Pass Season 14 will be released under the name Spark The Flame has an ancient Greek theme featuring lots of player character and weapon skins.

New Livik map

Livik's new map

Livik will be the smallest map in PUBG Mobile with only 2 x 2 km is designed based on 4 familiar classic maps Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok. However, it will also feature unique elements with a monster truck, 2 new weapons, a waterfall, and a weapon box.

TDM map library

TDM map library

In fact, the TDM map library has appeared in PUBG Mobile China before. But until this update, it will officially be available in the international version. Similar to the other 2 TDM maps, you will be revived endlessly until a team reaches it 40 pts and choose whatever you want.

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