What is PSN? What is PSN Plus or Playstation Plus? Do I need to buy PSN Plus to buy a PS5?

Many new users to the PlayStation 5 still think that the PS5 game console is simply to buy the game disc and play like the PS1 and PS2, but ignore the important feature of the PS5 supported by Sony itself: ability online function comes with Playstation Network service. So let’s find out what PSN is and its benefits.

What is Playstation Network – PSN account?

PSN stands for Playstation Network – A Sony online service for their Playstation consoles starting from the PS3, PS4, PS5 and PS Vita generations.

The company provides users with features such as: Online store to buy digital games (Digital content), provide music, movies, online features, play online, download additional game content …

What is psn and is it necessary to buy digital games?

From here, if your friends tell you that they bought PSN games and want to share that PSN game with you. (See How to share PS4 games via PSN account) Then you will not wonder what PSN game is and whether it is like disc game or not!

Why should you have at least 1 PSN account when buying a PS5?

After finding out what is PSN, you can learn more about PSN systems. PSN accounts have many contacts such as Asia, US, EU, Japan … It may confuse you, so create an account. (Click to see how to create a Playstation Network – PSN account) Contact what.

But for simplicity, nShop recommends that you own at least 1 PSN account or maybe create more than 2 accounts. Why? Simply because it is free and very useful for you.

Job creating a PSN account is easy in Sony website, after creating a PSN account you can buy digital games that some games do not sell discs that are only available for download (Even free downloads like H1Z1, Fornite, Paladins … Check out 5 free games for PS4).

The store sells PSN Plus at low prices

What do you think PSN account is that requires registration, just don’t buy or download it for free from Sony’s online store?

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It is unfortunate because when you buy a game disc like God of War 4 on the player, the disc does not have all the updates of the game but requires you to have a PSN account to download updates to have New Game + mode and improved game frames, bug fixes. ..

What is PSN Plus or Playstation Plus?

PSN Plus, also known as Playstation Plus – stands for Playstation Network Plus – is a service that is almost associated with Sony’s PlayStation game consoles for about 40 – 60 USD / year depending on the market and exchange rate..

Playstation Plus is understood as a VIP account, you will spend money to be honored VIP and enjoy benefits such as:

What is Playstation Plus

What is PSN? Then what is PSN Plus – Playstation Plus?

  • Free game every month (Free games will usually include 1 top game and 2-3 mini games)
  • Prices up to 75% for some digital games
  • Join to play online with other gamers around the world (The most important feature makes many customers force to join Plus)
  • Save the game to Cloud

Is it necessary to purchase a Playstation Plus?

If you play important online features, the Playstation Plus is almost a must to buy when owning a PS5. More specifically, Sony also has a price Playstation Plus Collection package with dozens of free AAA blockbuster titles when you use it on your PS5 .

PS4 games are free on PSN Plus

However, if you sometimes only go online a little bit but feel like buying a Plus account for the whole year is a waste, think again, it is not really a waste!

Because the free games on PSN Plus that Sony gave away were not in style “The cheap is mine, the property is of the debt” where. In contrast, the whole game is interesting. Typically the hot games of the company that appeared on PSN Plus such as:

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If you use PSN Plus for 1 year, make sure the titles are overwhelming and you never know what a game is.

Some other customers find the copyrighted game disc is quite expensive, and switching to Plus is also a way to save money. That is not to mention that when you own a Plus license, you can also buy some digital games at a discount of up to 75% compared to normal customers.

So where to buy PSN Plus cheapest and most convenient?

The vast majority of customers in Vietnam are in the habit of choosing American PSN (Vietnamese and US users are deeply ingrained in the best of mind – only after Japan, but Japanese cannot understand, so choose English …). That concept is not wrong, because in the PSN Store, the US has almost the largest number of Digital and DLC games.

Choosing the US means you have chosen the largest store.

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However, Sony’s account policy is quite comfortable. The company allows a PS5 machine to create and log multiple users (user) On top of that, each user can choose a different partition without any effect.

This leads to gamers that we have choice 2: Cheap and convenient. That is the Asia partition – specifically PSN and PS Plus Thailand.

The Thai partitioning account makes you worry that free games aren’t the same level as US accounts? Forget that thought, nShop would like to review the list of Plus games that appeared in PS Plus Thai:

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • inFAMOUS Second Son
  • Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone
  • Darksiders II The Deathinitive Edition
  • Just Cause 3
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I have already invested in a “a bit fierce” US account, so is it a waste to switch to Asia now?

The simple answer is no. You should remember that PS5 allows logging into multiple accounts at the same time. Switching to Asia Plus doesn’t mean you have to give up your old account. The US or EU accounts you used before still use them in parallel.

Simply create 1 more user, create a PSN account in Thailand partition and link that account to a new user then active Plus.

Are you worried that the US game disc you bought cannot be online when you switch to Asia account? Never mind, Sony’s policy is pretty straightforward. As long as that Thai Plus account is active on your PS5 device, the rest of the users regardless of account can be online to play on any type of game.

A gift for purchasing a PSN Plus Playstation

So in the end, why do you have to spend $ 60 to buy PSN Plus while you can buy the Thai package cheap, extremely convenient. That is the extremely cost-effective second choice.

Besides, nShop also sells Thailand recharge card with face value of THB 2,000 at low price is intended for customers who buy Asia market discs but still want to download DLCs (Expanded game content) on the store.

Now, the Vietnamese market, which is considered Asia, is able to experience Sony quality services at relatively softer prices instead of US prices. Hopefully after the article what is PSN – what is PSN Plus of nShop will help you have a clearer view of this Playstation Network account!

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