5 Nintendo Switch accessories to make your game console more glamorous

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Is your Nintendo Switch over 2 years old and starting to get negative from age? Or you simply bought your old Nintendo Switch from another user, but the old owner didn’t give your baby the same treat as you would a console, making it ugly? Rest assured, this list of 5 Nintendo Switch accessories will help your beloved Switch “ Looks right now!

Nintendo Switch accessories turn old into new

Note: This is an extra accessory, not Genuine Nintendo Switch accessories where But you can be assured of the goodness and usefulness that go beyond that even though Nintendo does not make these kinds of accessories!

5 Nintendo Switch accessories that enhance the beauty of the machine

1 / Skin paste Nintendo Switch – The fastest & most effective solution

For Nintendo Switches due to the perspiration of your hands or the hands of the old owner for a long time, will create a shadow on the case in contact places. Unlike the stain when it comes to cleaning, the shadow marks created by this sweat on the crust cannot be removed. It creates feelings “dirty” and be objectionable even if you clean it up thoroughly. The simple solution now is to paste the skin directly onto the camera body.

The front of the Nintendo Switch after sticking with carbon-textured skin

There are 2 types of Nintendo Switch skin accessories glued at nShop carbon pattern For those who like simplicity and the game print type for you to love youth “Style”! The special feature of this skin type is due to the specific design of the Switch, so it will boast a very subtle angle according to the machine. If you bring out the paste (car stickers, laptop stickers …) then the gladiator will not have pre-cut type and the use of knives, razor blades are more dangerous to the machine.

Game shop selling Nintendo Switch skin image kirby

Finally, the Nintendo Switch accessory that you should buy with the Skin is the case in Bubm. Why? Simply put, the adhesive has a moderate grip so that it will not be difficult for you in the process of peeling off later, so if your hands sweat it will quickly damage the skin and remove the glue. With just a little extra money for the case in this type of Bubm, your pasted skin will be more durable and the machine is also much more beautiful due to the transparent plastic layer creating a beautiful gloss for the skin.

Note: Skin paste should be changed once a year, to avoid too long the glue layer will be difficult to remove and clean later!

2 / Case aluminum – Case for Switch

Not everyone likes skin stickers for many different reasons. So this Nintendo Switch accessory will help you with convenient simplicity: Just buy and plug in and enhance your look and feel. “handsome” of the machine up.

Aluminum case for Nintendo Switch in Blue

Like Skin paste, there are 2 types of skin at nShop for 2 types of people: Aluminum case (Aluminum) for people who like simplicity, sophistication and elegance. And the second type is Case in game picture (Similar to the skin with the picture of a game) for those who like unique, beautiful, and strange.

Nintendo Switch accessories are both decorative and protective

3 / Super cute analog cover for Joy-con

Many people do not like this Nintendo Switch accessory because it feels entangled when playing games, but the product value lies in the beautiful decoration. What do you think when 2 analog knobs are two extremely symmetrical hands with your Joy-con color.

Game shop selling accessories Analog Joy-con Pokemon Set Nitendo Switch

More unique than kind analog cover There are also many creative designs such as Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Splatoon, Pokeball hats … All colors are comfortable enough for you to mix your Switch extremely strange. In general, when playing games in handheld mode, gamers are not using too much effort “to harvest” so analog that it feels entangled, so instead of worrying about it, just decorate it and love you!

4 / Paste screen printed edge screen for Nintendo Switch

This kind of Nintendo Switch accessory has a good time “estrangement” by thinking that the patterns printed on the border will make it … distracting when playing the game! However, after a while nShop tried to test the demo machine at the store, it immediately became the hottest Nintendo Switch accessory that almost everyone who buys the device also chooses.

Bordered strength stickers - a Nintendo Switch accessory indispensable

Nintendo Switch accessories are extremely decorated that many people ignore …

The design of the Nintendo Switch is perfect, the only downside is that the bezels are too thick – like the old iPad. Easy to sympathize with Nintendo because the overall machine is only wrapped in $ 300 – it’s hard to put in a super attractive bezel-less design like Samsung smartphones. Make up for this defect, screen protector printed border was born to cover up!

The distraction of the screen due to the textures on the screen stickers is a unreal concern unless you have super-severe astigmatism. Instead, the camera’s beauty is doubled thanks to the extra details that fill these super thick screen borders!

5 / Nintendo Switch carrying case when out

Nintendo Switch carrying case can it be listed as a Nintendo Switch accessory to help you decorate the device? Simply thinking is when you have decorated the machine from A – Z and then go out to the street with a … plastic bag is very weird. Therefore, in addition to protecting the Switch from unnecessary collisions, the Nintendo Switch carrying case also works as a beauty – fashion for you.

Nintendo Switch accessories bring out

Nintendo Switch accessories both protect and decorate the device more beautifully …

The types of Nintendo Switch bags sold at nShop are very diverse and plentiful that you can refer to at Here . Some customers at nShop even buy two to three types of Nintendo Switch bags to change each day differently when they take them out, like changing clothes for the device!

Nintendo game store nShop

Hopefully, through this article, you can choose for yourself the best Nintendo Switch accessories to accompany during the upcoming long-haul! Don’t forget to check out other useful Nintendo Switch accessories to protect your existing device at nShop!

Nintendo Switch accessories

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