What if there are real ghosts in PUBG?

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Erangel Island is an extremely mysterious and dark place in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.. It was originally chosen by the Russian military as a place to test a series of biological and chemical weapons, which prompted the residents here to build resistance forces to resist the yoke of power. However, the nature of this weapon has never been revealed and the effect on the inhabitants of Erangel is also completely hidden. However, we do learn that the resistance army succeeded in knocking down a Russian research base, leading to a strange event that left the entire island deserted. The circle of death that we see is one of the tools that allows the military to control the inhabitants of the island, but why is really unknown.


In the recent Update PUBG also added a new weather effect to the game, allowing players to operate under a dense fog that limits visibility. Just lying down in a bush or field the mist will allow you to be almost invisible to the enemy’s eyes.. all that only until they get very close to be able to detect. This also creates really heart-wrenching situations for gamers when stepping over enemy positions without realizing it. And of course it makes PUBG much more terrifying.


Imagine what would happen if Bluehole decided to “drop” an entity into the game’s mist? What will happen when it will suddenly hide behind the player’s back and suddenly wrap his arm from behind and break their neck even though his teammates are still supporting left and right? A sudden death, without sound.. without sound.. and unstoppable at any cost.


Of course, that’s just a fantasy, a temporary idea for PUBG that can later be applied in a certain Halloween event. That is entirely possible as Bluehole itself has confirmed adding Zombies to the game in the future. So if you put in another kind of creature from the horror world, it wouldn’t make any difference, right? In fact, there is no need for the writer to remind or the developer to speak up, many PUBG gamers have encountered very spooky situations in the game.

Some people witness the image of someone flashing on the screen for a split second, the body sitting upright on the floor like a witch or even witnessing the player jumping through the wall.. Mostly “supernatural” phenomena. it happens due to game error.. while some other cases are due to gamers deliberately tweaking the video to create very magical footage.. Readers can enjoy right here:

Hopefully in the future, the developers can add a special game mode so that gamers can feel the right Halloween atmosphere in the game. PUBG.

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