20 Crazy facts about Joker’s body – Batman’s arch-nemesis (P.3)

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7. Joker a thousand year demon?

In Batman: Endgame, the story follows the Joker when he returns to torment Batman. The clown reveals that he knows the true identity of “The One” and that no one is safe from his rampage. At this point, the heroes of the story discover clues that the Joker may be much older than initially thought. Gordon finds a picture of the villain from an old newspaper.


Not only that, the Clown Prince begins to tease Batman that he may be an immortal demon destined to fight Batman forever. In the end, “He” managed to prove this theory by pinning the Joker and allowing a cave to collapse on both of them.

6. He transplanted himself into Robin

At the movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Joker kidnaps and torments superhero Robin (Tim Drake), turning Robin into a smaller version of himself.


Although Batman was able to save his partner later, he didn’t know that Joker had implanted consciousness and genetic material (macromolecules that store and transmit genetic information across generations). his cell, or body generation) into Robin. Years later, the microchip is activated and Tim transforms into the villain to wreak havoc once again.

5. “Joker” really wants “Batman” to beat him

The fact that the actor who plays the Joker – Heath Ledger wants Christian Bale (playing Batman) in The Dark Knight beat your character.

Heath Ledger’s Joker is truly a legend in the hearts of the audience. Most of the comments said that his acting ability is so great, viewers feel hypnotized every time Heath Ledger transforms into the character. However, maybe sometimes he went a bit “excessive” in the interrogation scene in the movie. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Christian Bale revealed that Heath Ledger asked the Batman actor to actually beat him in a key scene.


Although Bale refused to hurt his co-star, the hard hits you see on screen actually took off. Heath Ledger (Joker) violently throws himself against walls and tables to make the scene look more realistic.

4. Raven’s mental control doesn’t work on Joker

Raven from the Teen Titans has the ability to use the psychic energy of darkness, she has the ability to sense and paralyze other people’s emotions.


However, in Titans East Special, when Joker captures the Teen Titans: Robin, Kid Flash and Raven with ease. Raven tries to use her powers to manipulate the Joker’s mind, arousing the clown’s deepest fears. But this villain seems to be completely immune. Instead, the Joker begins to laugh at the horrors he sees before his eyes.

3. Joker really believes there are many options for his past

When people hear the word “Joker”, people will always think of evil, crazy laughter and scary red corners of the mouth on the white face. This clown is one of the most feared characters in comics because his actions to entertain his sick hobby are unpredictable. No one really knows how crazy the Joker became. Even he himself did not know the origin of his story.


In The Killing Joke, he tells Batman: “If I had a past, I’d prefer it to have choices.” It’s not just a clever statement; Joker truly believes that his past can be one of many options, and he just has to choose which one is appropriate at the time.

2. Joker used to have the power to change reality

One of the most insidious tricks the Joker has ever performed is tricking the villain Mr. Mxyzptlk. This is one of the top villains Superman has ever faced. The monster is from the fifth dimension and possesses the ability to change reality.


However, Joker tricked Mr. Mxyzptlk gives him the power to change the universe. This leads to a period in which the Joker is an immortal being able to bend reality at will. He used these powers to conquer the world, turn the Justice League into a group of villains, and put Batman in perpetual torment.

1. Joker has “Super Sanity”

Joker and “madness” seem to have been two concepts that always go hand in hand. Why would someone dress up as a clown and commit a crime just for fun? Why is he so obsessed with Batman and always wants to tease this superhero? The only explanation is because he’s crazy. However, what if someone said the Joker wasn’t crazy at all?


In Arkham Asylum author Grant Morrison talked about the Joker being in a form called Super Sanity (or Supersane), which means that Joker is not crazy, but he is extremely sane, even more than humans and those in the world. DC Universe. Maybe that’s why he always suspected he was a Comics character, because many times he was unable to kill Batman. When Batman died, Joker was convinced that DC never killed their legend and this was confirmed by him when Batman returned.

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