Battlefield 6 officially closes the release date

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The next game in the series Battlefield will release in 2021 and is expected to be revealed this spring. EA said the new game is scheduled to be released in year-end holiday and will take the combat and destructive power of Battlefield vehicles to the next level by leveraging the next generation of consoles and PCs.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson shared that he can’t reveal too much about the next Battlefield title, but he said the game FPS is currently ahead of the planned development progress. 2021 will mark three years since Battlefield DRAW launched, with the last update released last July.


“We look forward to sharing more about our FY22 plan in the coming months, including our next Battlefield experience, which marks the return of this military warfare franchise,” Wilson said. The game will take full advantage of the power of the next generation of consoles to deliver epic and stimulating battles with more players.”

“The game offers maps of unprecedented scale,” said Mr. Wilson. The next Battlefield release brings together all the elements that made the series so famous and will take them to the next level.”​

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