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In the fever PUBGtitle FPS free of charge Paladins is one of many names that decided to go in the direction Battle Royale. However, instead of adding a new mode in the original game, Paladins has its own version with the standard PUBG style. Yes we are talking Realm Royaletitle shooting game About to enter Closed Beta testing phase.

Realm Royale will still follow the traditional Battle Royale model with an open world map, a large number of players and a death circle mechanism similar to PUBG or Fortnite. However, instead of “copying” the correct formula of the above super products, Realm Royale created a completely new mechanism.


There, when PUBG and Fortnite let gamers get used to the gun collection system, Realm Royale lets gamers make their own weapons. Yes you did not hear wrong, the Paladins sub-version will let gamers collect resources and craft different weapons and skills. Specifically, when the player collects 100 Shard pieces on the map they can head to a location on the map called Forge – Forge. Here you can “craft” yourself a Legendary-level weapon or skill, the highest level in Realm Royale.


The developer said that this is the only way that gamers can own weapons / skills of this level and so Force will become a hot spot on the map. It is completely possible to appear here the pitfalls that the opponent presents, turning this place into a place of death ready to take the lives of gamers. However, in return, if you overcome the challenge, you will have the strongest firepower on the map.


Currently Realm Royale is preparing to enter the next “closed” test on PC. Hopefully the developer Hi-Rez will soon open the door for gamers to be able to enjoy this game with their own hands. All information about Realm Royale will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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