Genesis Alpha One – Super awesome FPS for cloned gamers… teammates

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FPSfirst person shooter, is always considered the most attractive game series in the gaming village. One of the main drivers for that is the ability to be extremely variable, easily combining many different genres to create a whole new experience. Genesis Alpha One – the game developed by the team Radiation Blueis a prime example of this strength.


With Genesis Alpha One, gamers will be immersed in one of the unique gameplay styles in the gaming world at the moment. There, the main character will receive the mission of establishing colonies on distant planets and protecting humanity against foreign objects lurking in the cosmic night. And your main weapon on the thorny road is the ability to clone teammates.


The story of Genesis Alpha One begins when the Earth is engulfed in constant civil war, causing the blue planet to slowly die down over the years. The dire situation caused the last leaders of the world to come to the decision to create the Genesis program. The goal of this program is to find a new homeland, a place suitable for people’s living conditions. Playing the role of the captain of the Genesis battleship, gamers will be on a mission to explore distant planets, build new roofs and use DNA to create a new generation for humanity.

Genesis Alpha One game trailer.

However, the cosmic night still contains many scary mysteries that you can never anticipate. The weirdest and most monstrous things of nature are all born here, waiting for someone to accidentally open the door of hell. To fight these creatures, gamers will be equipped with extremely advanced weapons, which can easily destroy any target that threatens Genesis. But no matter how outstanding your gun skills are, you will still get to the top of the stage if you have only one body.


Therefore Genesis Alpha One gives gamers the ability to build bases and develop weapons like a real strategy game. Here, you can gather resources, expand your rooms, and improve the Genesis with new technologies, thereby allowing the ship to have better combat and support capabilities. However, in the game, cloning technology is the trump card that Genesis Alpha One puts in the player’s hands.


With this power in hand, you can create your own teammates, giving them a unique look and personality. Of course, these teammates will play a major role in protecting Genesis from any danger. They can even follow you on high-risk missions like scouting an abandoned shipwreck or discovering a mysterious planet.


Presently Genesis Alpha One is still in the process of being completed and is expected to launch first on PC. Because the game is not completed, the game still has no official release date, but readers can rest assured because Emergenceingame.Com will update the information as soon as possible.​

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