What if Mario had Superman’s powers?

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The name Mario so familiar to us since the plumber appeared on the four-button machines. The image of jumping over obstacles, stepping on enemies and headbutting bricks to get mushrooms.. has become a legendary symbol in the gaming industry. But no matter how famous and successful, Mario is still just Mario.


He still had to travel from castle to castle to find Princess Peach, still sweating in the face of mighty enemies and crazy bosses. He still has to rely on mushrooms to increase his strength and without it he can’t make it to the end of the journey.


That’s why fans wondered what it would be like if Mario had supernatural powers, what if Mario had the same power as Superman and could smash everything with a single finger? The answer is an extremely funny video made by a Youtuber “Level Up“below..

In the video you can see that Mario can go through the fortified wall, kick the stone and even the whole terrorist cage in the game to throw it away like nothing. Even the final boss Bowser was no match when he was thrown into the air by Mario version and disappeared.


For those of you who don’t know, this is just one of many meme videos made by Level Up – who shows a strong passion for Mario. He often poses hypothetical situations inside the game, thereby creating very funny images for gamers. For example, when Level Up showed 4 ways for boss Bowser to defeat Mario without breaking a sweat.

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