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Monster Hunter: World master team defeated super monsters in less than 5 minutes

Every battle with the Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World requires great concentration. Each battle is equivalent to a boss fight in Final Fantasy XIV, which is a huge change in combat speed compared to normal encounters, is a difficult barrier for many hunters. The “extreme” version increases the difficulty even further. Because of that, a group of outstanding hunters were surprised to be able to achieve under five minutes for a single monster.


Most gamers who go to war in “extreme” mode when fighting the Behemoth will die and come back to life countless times. Each monster is extremely aggressive, casting spells extremely quickly and taking almost no damage after each attack. For example, the Ecliptic Meteor can be launched at a shocking speed, if the members do not coordinate their positions at the right time, it is very likely that all will be killed in a single hit. This battle can be considered the hardest in the game. The latest record set recently is a group of gamers who achieved 4 minutes and 23 seconds for this level.

The group of players showed them using the Heavy Bowgun against the Behemoth, with the express purpose of shooting a rain of explosive bullets down the monster’s head. More importantly, gamers have used a special ammo to put the monster to sleep, and are well-prepared to receive its explosive attack every time it wakes up. The monster takes more damage every time it wakes from sleep, so the battle time can be shortened quickly.

This strategy is gradually becoming familiar to gamers Monster Hunter: World. It’s called HAME, which is actually an abbreviation of a Japanese word: Hameru (嵌める- clamp). HAME is effective when fighting monsters, but requires careful practice to be able to catch the right rhythm and coordinate with teammates.​

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