Hong Lien Chi Vuong has his eyes on the MOBA card game from the “father” of Final Fantasy

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Hong Lien Chi Vuong English name is Lord of Verminion is a MOBA game combining cards based on the original cartoon of the same name by Square Enix Japan owns the content copyright and developed by 9You of China.


The PC version of the game recently launched has caused a fever in the Chinese market, and with that success is a solid stepping stone to hope in the future this game is confident enough to launch a mobile version. Under the hands of Square Enix “father” of Final Fantasy, the game promises to be a product sweeping the Chinese game market.


The game’s graphics are built on advanced 3D graphics, the character building style has the direction of Japanese ainme, this is not strange when it is inherently a game under the copyright of a company. Japanese games. All that the game shows from the map, the scene in the game, the game characters can only use two excellent words to describe such a quality game.


As a MOBA game, the game still has the classic 5v5 tower fighting style, but because of the combination of card game style, it will no longer be as simple as choosing a general with a separate skill set to develop the match, but Here players will combine many different generals for a match, each champion corresponds to a card and use for each case taking place in the game.

The point to note is that besides the generals who hold the basic role such as gunner, assassin, block, players can bring other auxiliary generals, but it is necessary to arrange the coordination of groups of generals. together to improve combat effectiveness. But in short, the game is still simply a traditional MOBA game, the main task of the player is to focus on breaking the opponent’s tower.

You can download games here: http://lova.9you.com/

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