Instructions to download Dying Light: Bad Blood – PUBG Zombie Parkour version for free

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With the fans Zombie gamethe name Dying Light (PC) is no longer a stranger.. With an open world gameplay combined with Parkour, Dying Light immediately became a hit on the day of its release. The sky-high ratings from reputable game sites are proof of the success of Dying Light. But things don’t stop there because recently this super product continues to launch an expansion called Dying Light: Bad Bloodfor gamers to return to the city of Harran filled with undead.

But Bad Blood is completely different from what we used to know about Dying Light. There, the player is no longer alone in the midst of a herd of Zombies… but also has to compete with mortal enemies to become the last survivor in the Battle Royale format. That’s why Dying Light: Bad Blood promises to become a PUBG in extremely toxic Zombie style that anyone can’t ignore.


Good news for those who want to step into that challenging journey of Dying Light: Bad Blood is a game that is playing a free beta experience key and you can win yourself a Slot if you follow the following Emergenceingame.Com instructions. .

Step 1: Sign up for a free Dying Light account at:​​

You just need to enter your Email address, Password, check the three lines below and press OK. Then go back to your Mail box to activate the account via the Email that the game sent to you.

Step 2: Go to the address:​

Scroll down and Click on the Sign In box. Then you use the account you just registered to fill in here.


Step 3: Answer 5 probing questions. 4 questions all have answers for you to choose, only 1 question about your favorite Online Game title. You can enter any game you like here.. (eg PUBG, Fortnite..vv)

Step 4: After answering 5 questions, the website will display a notice that you have successfully registered for the test. From here, click on the “Account Settings” box and then connect your Steam account to the website by clicking the “Connect With Steam” box.


Step 5: After successful connection, the website will automatically display the Dying Light: Bad Blood key. You use this key to activate on Steam. If you do not have a Steam account or do not have Steam installed on your computer, you can access the following 2 addresses:

Sign up for free Steam:
Download Steam for free:


From here you officially own the key Dying Light: Bad Blood Beta version. The game has many different test phases, so if you can’t join this phase, there are many other waves waiting for you.

All information related to Dying Light: Bad Blood will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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