Acer’s new gaming chair is no different from a battleship command post

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‘s stall Acer at IFA 2018 display a series of new products of the company, prominent among them are Predator Thronos – a dilapidated gaming aid that looks more like a VR cockpit or a battleship command post than a “chair”.


More specifically, Acer believes that the Predator Thronos will “reshape the gaming chair take gamers to the next level.” The product owns a large steel frame, nearly 1m5 high, supporting an additional spherical frame, covering the head, can attach 3 27-inch screens. Of course the chair also has a place to mount a Predator PC or any other desktop.​

Trailer for Predator Thronos

This “chair” has the ability to create a tilt of 140 degrees, a total weight of up to 220kg, supports “deep impact vibration” for a feeling of full body spread every time a character in the game is affected by a pomegranate bullets or contribute to the simulation of rough terrain when moving.



Other features include a comfortable seat and foot rest. Acer thinks that the Predator Thronos chair will become “a cave for gamers”. However, this chair may not be suitable for people who are prone to motion sickness.

Actual image of the chair at IFA 2018

Surely the price of Predator Thronos will be high, but currently Acer has not given a specific number with the official release date for this “beast”.​

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