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The next patch will probably be out soon. Therefore, now is a great time to think about the changes that are likely to appear in patch 7.28. Although the current meta is fairly balanced and there are no outstanding issues, the game has started to falter and needs a refresher.


The presence of new neutral items added in the previous patch to refresh the meta was controversial at first. For some gamers, this hasn’t changed, but there’s nothing wrong with the neutral system. Of course, it helps to add an element of randomness to the game, but the impact of this randomness is quite limited, or at least in the first 60 minutes of the game.

However, there are some items that are not simply normal buffs, but they also help change the meta, especially in the professional arena or high rank. Therefore, some neutral items that need to be adjusted are very necessary in patch 7.28.

Clumsy Net, Spider Legs, Flicker and Minotaur Horn can all cause problems. The article does not say they are the strongest items in the tier, but the ability of each of the above items when activated depending on the match is sometimes too strong.

Minotaur Horn or Flicker against Disruptor/Riki. Clumsy Net. Clumsy Net is a tool to help kill mobile heroes. The game has many other problems emerging from these items. For items that can be activated like spider legs, Minotaur, even if these items are not activated, they still bring a certain advantage in stats: Spider Legs adds movement speed to make it look like a shoe For free, Minotaur Horn adds a lot of Strength, while Flicker also grants bonus movement speed.

Of course they shine in very few games, but the impact of these items is indeed not small. Therefore, the article believes that some adjustments are needed.


Actually solutions have been developed over the past three years. Patch 7.07 reduced XP deny to 25%, but this value kept increasing and is now 50%. It sounds fine in theory, as it balances out the game’s strategy. However, the article believes that bringing it back to its original value of 70% will be the right step.

Playing better than your opponent in the laning phase and controlling it is already part of the game. However, the amount of XP gained when a creep is denied plays a big part in that. Of course, this mechanism makes it more profitable for gamers who are good at deny, but at the same time it reduces the number of heroes we can use in the game (because using a hero that does not have a good last hit ability means you will lose a lot. much). Players need to stay in the lane, tense up to win the last hit if they don’t want to be far behind.

Over the years, the low amount of XP denied by IceForg forced IceForg to issue buffs to some heroes during the laning phase. Increased starting armor, more attack, more blocking of melee hero damage, etc… All of these tweaks in each patch aim to address the issue of low XP deny that can lead to improved meta quality, possibly which is still not enough.

The article believes that Dota is only at its best when all heroes, regardless of their laning ability, can play to their strengths. The game will still have hero pairs, complement each other and ways to help the team exploit the laning phase, but the impact from the mid-game will not be as impactful as it is now. Taking an initial step back to be able to take three more steps later should also be an additional option for the player.


Armor is now a bit out of control. The problem is only apparent with heroes with extremely high armor, but it exists and requires a solution. Something is not right when Divine Rapier is completely inferior to MKB in some matches. Although people’s first impression is that the buffed MKB is too strong, it is not MKB’s fault but the ‘physical damage reduction’ fault.

Meanwhile, magic damage heroes have been consistently favored over the years: spell amplification and “Spell Immunity no longer grants 100% Magic Resistance” ensure these heroes still deal decent damage well into the late game .

Perhaps, a small tweak is what the game needs to fix this problem, hopefully patch 7.28 will do.


The article intentionally doesn’t talk about hero changes, as most meta changes in Dota are not caused by some heroes being too strong, but rather because small changes come together.

Most current Dota systems are doing fine: economically, both in gold and in XP. Radiant and Dire are well balanced, as are the exciting new strategies. A few small, right tweaks to some of the game’s systems will make Dota 2 even better. Let’s wait and see what Valve will bring this time in patch 7.28?

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