Hearthstone gamers accuse Blizzard of tricking them into gold rewards


When Blizzard announced a new battle pass style system to replace the old one in October, they reassured players that the amount of gold gamers earned while playing would not be cut. Gold is used to buy card packs, join Arena, Heoric Tavern Brawls or unlock adventure. Therefore, players – especially F2P (not investing money in the game) – will be very worried if the gold is reduced.

“We don’t take away any gold you can earn at all,” said game designer John Yang in an October fireside chat. “One of the goals of the new bonus system is to give you more, much more gold. More rewards, more decorations for all players. Whether you play 10 hours or 1000 hours in the expansion, you will still get more rewards than before.”

The Tavern Pass, currently on sale for $20, is live. Regrettably, it seems that earlier fears have come true. While Blizzard assures the rewards will stay the same or get better, the majority of players don’t feel the same way. For example, Octavian “Pripparrian” Morosan stated the following:

“From the new bonus system, I draw the following:

  • Ladder players get less gold in time spent (which is really bad)
  • Ladder gamers were upset because Blizzard said everyone would get the same or more gold.
  • If you want things to ‘look’ better than before, Blizzard needs to increase the amount of XP received

And the most important thing that I forgot to say. It’s too confusing…”

Dekkster goes into more depth in his YouTube video. He said what Blizzard said about the new reward system was “completely false”.

“A lot of people do calculations, do spreadsheets, and you really don’t get what you’ve gotten before,” he says in the video. “Not to mention, you have to pay more gold to get the experience bonus.”

Streamer J_Alexander_HS even publishes its own spreadsheet. You can see his results here, but he summed them up in a Reddit post. He said earning 1500 XP per day for 120 days (one expansion cycle) would cost him 5000 gold less than the old system – equivalent to 50 card packs.

Dekkster concludes in his video that the new reward system “looks great and the achievements are pretty cool”, but the rewards it offers are completely out of reach for many gamers – different from what Blizzard promises. in October. “This is a free game. This is the most expensive free game ever and this needs to change.” Dekkster concludes.

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