CSGO: How does the B side beep in the new update affect the game

csgo update 03082018 - Emergenceingame

Recently, Valve released a new update – along with some quality changes in the game and a new crate. In it, there is a very important change: the ticking bomb sound on B side will sound differently. At first, everyone thought it was not important, many people thought it was just decorative. However, depending on the map played, it can make the difference between winning or losing a round even for the most veteran pro players.

To explain better, the sound of bombs will usually affect casual players more than veteran players. In 9 out of 10 games, if you’ve played long enough, you’ll know where the bomb is located based on the location and information you get from yourself and your teammates. New players often have a hard time determining where the bomb is located, so the new sound will help CT know if it’s A or B.

Obviously it helps a lot for new players, this new bomb sound also affects the professional arena, specifically the map de_Nuke. Nuke is the only map in a total of 7 competitive maps that has bomb site A located directly above bomb site B, making it difficult for players to determine where the bomb is located, especially in a 1vX clutch situation, when we are outside the zone. bomb area without getting any information.

Tiếng beep bên B trong bản cập nhật mới ảnh hưởng trong game như thế nào - Emergenceingame

Depending on your position, standing in the vent, or the connection position of the two bomb sites, distinguishing A or B is also quite difficult. If you know where the bomb is located, everything is quite easy, but if you don’t have this information and the time is running out, it is highly likely that you will choose the bomb site that is most profitable in terms of time.

In-game decisions that a player must make in a round can affect the outcome of the match. Thanks to the new update, both casual and pro players will have less confusion in map de_nuke.

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