Dota 2: IG puts a ‘question mark’ to end EG’s journey to win the Singapore Major

IG Oneesports Singapore Major 2021 Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

Invictus Gaming overcame Evil Geniuses 3-2 at the ONE Esports Singapore Major final to take home their first Major title since The International 2012.

Entering the ONE Esports Singapore Major as the No. 1 seed in North America, Evil Geniuses played almost flawlessly throughout the tournament, losing only 1 game in the quick-to-win finals. The perfect performance as well as the high concentration helped EG avoid facing many opponents. In fact, except for Fnatic – EG’s first opponent in this major, EG only has to face Chinese teams. They defeated Invictus Gaming in the semi-finals, PSG.LGD in the final of the winning bracket before rematching iG in the grand final.

Despite being neutralized by EG’s fast team in the winning bracket, IG still kept the slow style and at the same time, let Abed’s Storm Spirit be picked 5 times in a row in the finals.

In game 1, the Chinese team still insisted that the match go to the late game. In addition to the core Naga Siren, they also picked Morphling, while EG wanted to end the game early with Leshrac for RTZ and Abed’s divine Storm Spirit. The match went badly for iG, forcing them to knock GG as soon as they lost their first tier 3 turret.

Entering game 2, iG tried to apply the Alchemist green stick strategy, but banned Juggernaut himself, one of the carries that took advantage of this early advantage, and EG banned Monkey King. iG’s draft almost collapsed with the last pick of Faceless Void, the hero being completely ignored during the entire Major. EG continues to adopt the fast gameplay of Beastmaster and superior vision control, with Arteezy and Abed sweeping iG with Bloodseeker, Storm Spirit. EG did not give the opponent time to promote the power of the green stick for Faceless Void.

With just one game to go to bring home their first Major for the North American region, EG once again forced iG into a fast-paced, goal-focused approach. But this time, the team underestimated the opponent’s ability to adapt. Invictus Gaminng entered game 3 with a Sven carry and an Underlord – the perfect tool to thwart EG while prolonging the game.

Game 3 not only marked iG’s comeback in the finals, but also marked the strength of the psychological blow. Zhou “Emo” Yi, who died 7 times in the early and mid game, typed “?” in all chat after killing four EG members on the high ground.

Since then, EG’s games, as well as their entire series, have gone from bad to worse. The members’ concentration was disrupted, while social media and Twitch chat were filled with question marks.

Dau cham hoi Emo - Emergenceingame

When the series entered the 5th game, iG now played confidently, while EG collapsed, repeatedly making unnecessary mistakes and not finding a chance to respond to the opponent.

With this defeat. Evil Geniuses were forced to finish second for the second time in a row at the major tournament. As for Invictus Gaming, they came home with their first Major title since 2012, $200,000 in prize money and 500 DPC points.

In addition to the 500 points gained from the same damage as the No. 1 in the China DPC Qualifier, IG is now the top team in the DPC rankings with 1000 points obtained, which means a place to participate in TI10.

IG Oneesports Singapore Major 2021 Dota 2 1 - Emergenceingame

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