West Battle Royale – Super Mobile Game Brings PUBG to the Wild West

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PUBG as PUBG Mobile is becoming a huge force that roams the virtual world, bringing players battlefields Battle Royale blazing heat. However, with so many titles Battle Royale game imitate each other, a product that brings a new wind is really necessary.

West Battle Royale can be considered as the answer to that when bringing gamers to a context never seen before in the Battle Royale series. Yes, we are talking about a Wild West full of sunshine and windy people. Choosing a character in that world gamers will have to do everything to survive to the end.


West Battle Royale It’s just a small game with not too impressive graphics and the scale is far behind the PUBG or Fortnite out there. However, the expression of the game shows the uniqueness and novelty, creating a big attraction for players who want to find new things. West Battle Royale’s gameplay supports 50 players on a fairly large map, where ruined towns and sandy deserts let go. There you can pick up a lot of typical Western weapons such as revolvers, double-barreled shotguns, single-shot rifles similar to Win94 .. and countless other items.


In fact, the current game still has many problems, especially in the way the character moves and aims. The frequent encountering of obstacles on the road or the unintuitive aiming mechanism, makes it difficult for West Battle Royale to reach beyond the border of an experimental product.


However, if you want something new, want to see how Battle Royale will be if combined with a cowboy theme.. then West Battle Royale will be the game for you. Moreover, it’s free, so why don’t we download it now:

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