Xiaomi launched a super product MOBA AOG – The Arena of Glory is as good as a client game

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During the recently held 15th ChinaJoy, Mi Entertaiment announced that it will focus on launching the title. MOBA game ‘Glorious Arena’. Since the Glorious King dominated most of the mobile MOBA market, almost no company wants to touch this field anymore, so what is so special about the Glory Arena that makes it a key product of the company? Xiaomi here?

If you have ever tried the Glory Arena, it is not difficult to find the answer to this answer: This is a MOBA game close to Game Client The best, whether the player pursues technical manipulations or just plays to relax, can find joy that other games of the same type cannot in the Arena of Glory.


Last hit to make money, compare strength

Compared to today’s hot MOBA games, Glory Arena is more difficult to ‘plot’, the most basic and intuitive feature is the last hit design. In MOBA games, regardless of whether it’s DOTA or LOL, hitting the last hit earns a lot of money an all too familiar design.

For previous MOBA players, last hit is an indispensable basic skill, Glory Arena will continue to inherit this feature of the MOBA series. In singleplayer mode, this feature will challenge the player’s ability to control the position of soldiers well, strong last hits will bring more money, help players to increase the distance from the opponent, as well as can bring more give players the greatest sense of achievement.


On the other hand, MOBA is inherently a series of fighting games between teams of many people, challenging the coordination between team members (although sometimes there are cases where one person has to weigh the whole team). Last hit tests how to distribute and earn money of players in the same team, normally the chance to hit the last hit will usually be given to ADC, so that players with high enemy damage to earn money to buy equipment first will win. gain more advantage in combat. Although it is more difficult to play, the Glory Arena offers more realistic competition and strategic confrontation. The Arena of Glory is not only a match of the strength of each player alone, but also compares the tactics and synergy of the team, making the game more in-depth.

Fog covers eyes, competes for vision

People still think that in this year’s ChinaJoy, this MOBA game will officially launch to players, but actually, this game has long started to be tested on a small scale, while gaining the love of fans. Loyalty of the MOBA series. But along with the praise, many players think that the map of the Glory Arena is too large, reducing the ganking and reinforcement experience.


In fact, this is one of the characteristics of early MOBA games, and it is also closely related to the original designs of the Arena of Glory. Firstly, unlike MOBA games that only have two types of buffs today, Glory Arena designed up to three types of buffs, giving champions with different occupations more advantages and opportunities to earn money. Since there is a lot of content, of course the map has to be bigger too.

The second is due to the design of the blindfold in the Arena of Glory, in the absence of visibility, the unknown part of the map is shrouded in fog. So in this game, the two sides often have to compete for vision. Winning and limiting the opponent’s vision has been a classic element in the MOBA Client games, the presence of these factors makes the players of the Glory Arena have experiences closer to playing the Game Client. , promote their potential better. The party holding the vision can determine the enemy’s position and prepare in advance, not fighting but already won half.

Design of barracks and defense towers

In MOBA games, there are usually only 3 defense towers, and in the Glorious Arena, there are barracks behind the tower, in front of the big barracks, there are also 2 defense towers, this map design is too familiar to the world. longtime MOBA Client game player.​


With experiences and differences from other MOBA games on the market today, Glory Arena is truly an outstanding game that can let players experience an original MOBA game. During this year’s ChinaJoy, the Glory Arena also received the praise and support of four famous LOL streamers.

After players are bored with today’s boring and stereotypical MOBA games, maybe it’s time to try out a competitive game with real strength, providing a complete MOBA Client game experience like the Arena. Glory.​

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