Gamers design costumes in Au Mobile all with vegetables, making people gasp

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Launching the gaming community so far has been 4 years, Au Mobile dubbed the title music games The most vibrant, passionate for young people, attracting an extremely large number of gamers, not only because of the excellent music quality, but also in the style full of personality, youthful and stylish.

Because of that, Au Mobile style is gradually becoming a hot trend in the gaming community. Many boys and girls have created their own “fashion” and personality exactly like the characters in the game. Thereby it can be seen how this cult Au Mobile game has a strong influence on the lifestyle and style of today’s youth.

And this is also an endless source of inspiration for many young people who are gifted in fashion design to create special and creative costumes. Many outfits from the game have been brought to life by gamers with many different ideas. And recently, a very “banh beo” dress, the lady in Au Mobile was covered by a gamer. However, when knowing the main material to make it, many people will have to gasp. The whole dress is made of a… vegetable, cabbage to be exact.​


A close-up of a dress made of vegetables makes people flutter, the person who designed it must be an extremely skillful and creative person. The details and contours of the front and back are very meticulous and careful.


It is undeniable that our gamers, in addition to being genuine game “worms”, also possess many different talents and strengths and that are the points that help life. Their becomes more colorful, more interesting.

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