Devil May Cry 5 – List both new and old weapons of the legendary Dante

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It can be said that one of the biggest pleasures when playing games in the Devil May Cry series is collecting weapons, because in the game there are many secret demon weapons with extremely unique uses. That’s why the sequel to be released in the near future is Devil May Cry 5 was able to capture this strength, the game will bring back the classic weapons in previous versions.

The most typical is the Rebellion sword and Dante’s Ebony and Ivory pistol pair that will appear in Devil May Cry 5. However, they will have certain changes such as a fast-firing but low-damage gun. Slow but high damage. Along with that, another classic weapon that will “re-appear” in this sequel is the Kalina Ann bazooka, but now it will return and be more powerful than before with the upgraded version of Kalina Ann 2 that can shoot many at the same time. missile type.



As for melee weapons, both the demonic sword Sparda and the Cerberus trident are back in this new version, and they also add new moves. For example, with the Cerberus trident, this new version of the stick can transform into a flamethrower and thunder whip, and has the default freezing attribute.


Not only has the impressive return of classic weapons in previous versions, Devil May Cry 5 also adds many new weapons, such as the Cavaliere transforming motorcycle or the demon gauntlet that can make people feel better. play the role of king Muhammad Ali with fiery punches. There is also the Faust hat, which allows the player to use Red Orbs as ammunition and get more Red Orbs from enemies.


It seems that Nero currently does not have a new weapon, but this character’s Devil Bringer arm has been replaced with a ‘powerful’ Devil Breaker arm. Moreover, in the deluxe edition, Devil Breaker will be balanced to become more perfect, so that no weapon is too superior to the rest.


Devil May Cry 5 is scheduled to release on March 8, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

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