Ways to make money while playing games

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Make money playing games is entirely possible in today’s society. The article will guide you these how to make money while playing games the most effective.

If in the past, video games were labeled as useless and not useful, today it has really become a billion-dollar industry. In fact, there are many people who make billions of dollars from playing games every day. However, this job requires a lot of time and dedication if you really want to succeed. If you have all of these factors and you want to both play games and earn money, do not hesitate to refer to the suggestions below!

Ways to make money while playing effective games

Ways to play games to make money effectively

1. Live Stream make money

How it works

Stream your gameplay in real time for the world to see to engage an audience (monetize ads), build massive, stable followers (monetize donations and subscriptions). The biggest monetized Live Stream platform today is Twitch, YouTube Gaming.


It took quite a long time to build a live stream that attracted the audience. Chances are, you might not get 10 viewers in a few months and 100 in a few years. In fact, some streamers have never reached that mark. To make money from live streaming games, your channel needs to have thousands of views steadily.

The live game market is currently too saturated. Why should someone follow your live stream when there are so many other popular channels? Create a personal brand mark with your own sense of humor or personality. You can broadcast games that no one has played yet or show off techniques that will help you conquer the worldwide player rankings.

Implementation Guide

Fortunately! The execution of this job is quite simple. You just need a computer, the game is attracting customers, some streaming software, and the right attitude.

For gamers who stream on computers, the article encourages you to use OBS Studio because it is free, open source, and supports multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

2. Collaborate with game magazine

How it works

Collaborators for game magazines, open their own websites and start writing, reviews, and interviews related to games, genres or specific specialties. If you write for an existing site, you can receive royalties from each article. If you open your own website, you can either monetize ad traffic or sign up for Patreon.


The game magazine market is just as competitive as most genres. A lot of people want to make money from this job. If you join a newspaper site, you will have to work as directed, try to build a foothold and demonstrate skills to earn every penny. If you create your own site, it can take a few years to build a steady audience that will help you earn enough to live.

Journalism also requires in-depth knowledge. When writing news, you need to research all relevant sources before composing content. Evaluation & interviews take a considerable time. In general, you will have to put a lot of effort into writing articles.

Implementation Guide

Seek opportunities to collaborate from mid-range game sites like gamek.vn, gamehub.vn … Forget sites like IGN and ignore emerging web that have no readership yet. Make sure you have some of the best writing templates on hand to submit to the site you want to collaborate on. If you haven’t already, it’s best to volunteer for the smaller sites first.

The article does not encourage you to open your own game magazine website until you have had a few years of experience. Writing articles regularly all day long is hard work, managing and pushing the page to the top of Google is even more difficult. Therefore, please consider carefully before choosing this form.

3. Making a game tutorial

How it works

New game folks always love to read instructions, especially when playing multiplayer PvP games. You can create web articles, upload video tutorials to YouTube or publish them as ebooks. The first two are often monetization from advertising, eBooks profit from sales.


Anyone can write instructions. Therefore, in order to survive in this field, you need to do tutorials for popular games. However, the more popular the game, the higher the competition. If you want to make the tutorial stand out, you need to deliver more in-depth content than others. This takes a lot of time and you really have to be an expert in that game.

In addition, you need to have professional writing skills. The tutorials should not only be detailed and comprehensive, but also be entertaining and easy to understand. Formatting skills are required when publishing an ebook or writing the web.

Implementation Guide

Find trending games, identify the problem the player is having, research every aspect, then show others how to fix them yourself. In the online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG), aim to guide you how to collect gold, level up, and raid enemies. For PvP games like Overwatch, write articles about building and fighting mechanics.

4. Master a Podcast or YouTube channel

How it works

Make daily, weekly, and monthly programs related to the game. It could be roundtable discussions, high-ranking player interviews series, specific gaming tips & tricks … You can monetize advertising by hosting Podcasts or YouTube videos. These two forms also support Patreon registration.


You need to build a large audience to expect revenue. Your show must be engaging. Tedious? Superficial? Poor picture quality? All will cause your program to fail.

This way is quite similar to making a tutorial or live game stream. You need the knowledge and insight of the content creator, plus the diligence and appeal of a streamer. However, the content does not need to be as fussy as the guide or need the distinct personality of a streamer.

Implementation Guide

You can refer to the YouTube channel creation guide to make this job easier.

5. Win the contest and receive sponsorship

How it works

Most of the competitions are usually PvP battles. The more popular the game, the higher the prize. If you have the skills to join an eSports organization, you can get a living salary when you win and through sponsorship. Most competitive gamers also take advantage of Live Stream to earn extra income.


Not everyone has the qualifications needed to win. You can be the top player in the world, get knocked out at the start of the tournament or go home empty-handed. Even if it does win some cash, it may not be enough to pay for hotels or airplanes. If you can’t afford to lead continuously, forget this way to make money.

What’s more, the esports industry is still in its infancy. Even if you have a place on a prestigious team, the salary could be below the minimum. The industry is in turmoil by phony artists, naive gamer thieves. They often do not receive the salary as agreed.

Implementation Guide

Find popular PvP games that host a lot of tournaments and are of interest to esports organizations. Work hard. When you play better, forge relationships with other professional gamers to make a name for themselves. Honestly, though, you might be luckier (making more money) pursuing a career as a non-competitive streamer.

6. Play to try the game for money

How it works

A game has to go through several stages of development before it can be brought to market. When nearly complete, the developer needs to find someone outside to play the game, check the error. As a tester, your task is to check everything a programmer has to offer, including finding and recording problems and bugs.


It’s not that hard to become a tester these days, but it can be extremely boring work. Salaries are not high (with a slightly more minimal degree), unless you have a position in a major game development company.

Implementation Guide

Find out services like PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily, BestReviewApp, ErliBird to see if they are recruiting on-demand test games. Becoming the primary tester of a company is more difficult because you need specialized knowledge. In addition, you need to research jobs, research companies, send applications and hope luck will “smile” at you.

7. Game design and development

Make money while playing games

If you don’t care about error checking and have a billion dollar concept in mind, you can design and develop your own video game yourself. You can sell ideas to major game companies or brands together with your IT friends to start the project.

In general, making money on games is really risky business. If you are young, single and willing to risk a few years to make a billion dollars or not a penny, then venture into this field.

Hope these how to make money while playing games The above is useful to you. If there is a better way, do not hesitate to share with us.

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