How to install & play the mod Sheriff in Among Us

Cài mod chơi game Among Us

Among Us‘s Mod Sheriff Added a new role for the crew of astronauts, to aid them against imposters. Now players can install and use the Sheriff mod in Among Us, even on public servers.

Install the game mod Among Us

While the developer Innersloth has yet to introduce new roles for the game, members of the Among Us community have created their own mods for the role they want for the character. Now the astronauts can be randomly assigned to be Doctor Jester to revive the dead player in the ship or the Sheriff Sheriff to kill the impostor before they can kill the crew member. group.

The character of Sheriff in Among Us has been played by many world-famous streamer such as DisguisedToast, Valkyrae, Jacksepticeye … Basically, Among Us’s playing rules remains the same, but the addition of Sheriff means the astronaut team has the ability. self-defense against impostors. Similar to the Vigilante role, the Sheriff has a kill button and can execute Impostor in a match when they get close enough. However, if you make a mistake and kill the wrong ally, the Sheriff also dies, causing the crew to lose 2 people and give the chance to win for the impostors. Sheriff is an attractive but high-risk role, promising to bring exciting new matches for Among Us. Here it is How to download, install and play the Sheriff mod in Among Us.

How to install the Sheriff mod for Among Us

Mod Sheriff Sheriff for Among Us

Note, you can only install mod Among Us on your PC. Mobile players cannot access and play this mod. In addition, this mod also does not run unless everyone playing in the lobby is using it. So, you need to make sure everyone in the group playing Among Us has downloaded and installed the Sheriff mod before entering.

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To install the Sheriff mod for Among Us, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download Mod Among Us Sheriff of developer Woodi on GitHub. Make sure its version matches the version Among Us currently installed on your PC. Update the game if needed.
  2. Find Among Us’s root directory. The file path is usually Steamlibrary> steamapps> common> Among Us.
  3. Name the new folder Steamlibrary> steamapps> common> Among Us Sheriff Mod.
  4. Find the folder containing the downloaded mod file and select Extract All.
  5. Choose a folder Among Us Sheriff Mod do the data extraction location and complete the decompression process.
  6. Open the folder Among Us Sheriff Mod and open the game by clicking Among Us.exe.

Lobby owners can also set Sheriff’s visibility in the game settings menu after installing this mod. This could be a good idea to hide Sheriff’s identity. As a result, they will avoid the constant pursuit of an impostor, and increase the level of deception for Among Us. Impostor can pretend to be the Sheriff if the character’s true identity remains unknown.

Among Us players can use the Sheriff mod on public servers or customize by region or private server. According to developer Woodi, this mod does not prohibit players from being on public servers because its code is not labeled “hack”. You can also use the Sheriff mod with Proximity Voice Chat.

How to play Sheriff Mod in Among Us

Skin Sheriff Among Us

If you’re used to the role of Vigilante, the Sheriff is similar. An astronaut is randomly assigned to the Sheriff role in each game. The crew still needs to complete the mission, the rogue team will still sabotage and kill the astronaut. Even the Sheriff still needs to complete missions beyond their role in the game.

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The main difference between the mod Sheriff and the classic version Among Us is that the character named Sheriff also has a Kill button and can kill the Impostor in a round to win the crew. However, if killed by mistake, both Sheriff and the victim are “out”. At this point, the fake team was easier to win. Therefore, if you are given this role, you should be extremely cautious when using the Kill button. If the Sheriff appear before everyone else, they will be in danger of being continuously pursued by Impostor.

The above is how to install the Sheriff Sheriff mod for Among Us. Hope the article helps you guys Among Us Fun and interesting.

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