How to name a space in Among Us

Among Us‘s Invisible Name How is it placed? If you do not know how, let find out Among Us’s special character usage How to name invisible when playing the game!

How to name a space in Among Us

Although the name does not affect the gameplay much, the fans Among Us often find ways to customize the character to differentiate them from the team members. You can buy and equip skins, hats, and pets to change the character’s pea-like image Among Us. You can also change names between games. From time to time, everyone on the team will choose a theme to customize, like making a nickname in a different color than the character color or wearing a party hat.

However, there are also players who want to hide or make the game more chaotic Among Us’s Invisible Naming to remain anonymous and confuse others during discussions. Unfortunately, this feature currently only works on mobile. The article will guide you Among Us’s Invisible Name very simple.

Among Us's Invisible Name

What is Unicode character

Unicode is an encoding format for most text-based applications that helps the system understand the path of your input. It includes over 154 scripts, including past additions and modern parts like emojis.

Unicode uses unique characters to convey written information in different formats, and some of these characters cannot be seen on the screen even if they exist. This means that technically, you will still have a Unicode character as your name in Among Us but everyone in the game, including you, cannot see it.

How to hide a character’s name in Among Us

On Android and iOS

Among Us for Android Among Us for iOS

  • Start the game, and then tap Online.
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Start the game, and then tap Online
  • Minimize the game then copy this Unicode character: “ㅤ” (just copy the part inside the quotes).
Delete the old name
  • Back to the game Among Us, tap on the name. Delete your name and paste the space you just copied.
Copy the Unicode character and paste it in the name
  • That’s it, now your name will be hidden in Among Us and play like an anonymous character.


Among Us

In the version on the computer, this method only works in the old version of Among Us. The latest update seems to have been patched by the developer and won’t allow pasting data from the clipboard. If you are using an old version of Among Us, try going to the Steam client and the same steps as the mobile side.

Open the Steam client and open the game Among Us. Click “Online“.

Steam client and open the game Among Us.  Click on “Online

Copy the Unicode characters above and paste in:

Copy the Unicode characters above and paste

Will your nick be banned if you hide your name?

Innersloth does not seem to have any rules about hiding names or naming spaces in Among Us, but this is really annoying for the community of players. You will most likely be kicked out of private playroom or hard to re-enter with people who are used to the trick!

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