Watch the CF2L SS1 2018 draw live at 2pm today

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CF2L SS1 2018 is ready

As we have shared, yesterday is the last day for registration deadline for the 2018 CF2L SS1 tournament. In total, there were nearly 220 game teams registered to participate with more than 90 valid registration teams, however there was one The number of teams canceled due to objective reasons, so CF2L SS1 2018 will have 81 teams participating in the competition. In particular, Clan Begin has up to 7 game teams registered to participate. Notable are Mercenaries, The Saint, Assassin. In addition, CF2L SS1 2018 also has other highly rated game teams such as: BanMe.Star, IMMORTAL, Umbrella, Justice League, KINGS, NO FEAR, …

List of game teams participating in CF2L SS1 2018

At 2pm this afternoon, BTC CF2L SS1 2018 will conduct a draw to divide the table for 81 game teams. The draw will be livestreamed live on the YouTube channel CrossFire: Legends TV. From the very first matches, will we witness the top-notch matches, one-on-one, by the knockout bo1 format between the high-priced gaming teams for the championship? The draw results will be available after 2pm this afternoon on CrossFire: Legends TV, don’t miss it, CFL shooters.

CF2L SS1 2018 is the first tournament in 2018 of Crossfire Legends organized by NPH VNG. The tournament has a total prize pool of up to VND 500,000,000 along with 2 places to compete in Pro League for the champion and runner-up team. This is a must-go road for any amateur CFL team looking to advance to the CFL professional leagues. Therefore, CF2L SS1 2018 has attracted a lot of quality game teams to register to compete. The tournament will officially start online from March 6.”

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